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Recently, Dota Auto Chess has quickly received the love of many gamers. The game brings a new wave in the community and the gameplay is unlike any other game, you will be participating in fiercely competitive rounds.

If you are a newbie to Dota Auto Chess, then you probably have many questions, not knowing how to win the enemy even though your troops are also their level. Read the following article to know some tips in the game.

Dota auto chess game

Dota Auto Chess is a very popular map of the Dota game, if you don’t have the game, download it Dota Auto Chess here

See how to install and play Dota Auto Chess here.

Some tips for playing Dota Auto Chess for newbies

1. Use gold for the right purpose

In Dota Auto Chess, gold is always an important currency to buy generals, high-level generals will lose more money, requiring players to have a reasonable calculation before buying champions. In addition, you can store gold, after each round you will get 10% of the gold you have.

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2. Always keep an eye on your opponent

When more players use or buy that champion, the champion spawn rate in subsequent rounds will be reduced, so it will be difficult to upgrade that one champion. That’s why you must always observe the opponent, to avoid the upgrade situation that has to roll many times and arrange the squad or use a line-up to counter the opponent easily.

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3. Make hero purchases in sets and avoid individual purchases

The fact that you have few generals is not as important as the fact that you combine the pieces to form a category and your victory rate will be higher. In Dota Auto Chess there are some generals with 3 types such as Dragon Knight, Lycan, Lone Druid … these generals are easy to combine.

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4. Match items and equipment to champions

Items such as equipment are very important in the game, players will have items when defeating monsters, you can combine them together and equip the necessary heroes, helping them have greater damage. , take more hits … there are some equipment like the refresher orb that can change the whole game if the right champion uses it.

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By understanding how to combine the generals, resources and equipment obtained in each round, using it properly, you can fight and confidently win in each game. win.

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