Tips for playing AxE Alliance vs Empire for beginners

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In today’s article, we will cover AxE Alliance vs Empire tips for beginners, which will help beginners have a better game experience, and also help your character become stronger and overcome through every challenge in the battles.

We’ll help you choose a faction, join a faction and start playing AxE Alliance vs Empire on your own terms. So let’s not waste another second and dive straight into the AxE Alliance vs Empire tips and tricks guide for beginners.

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Strategies to increase strength and destroy the opposition

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How to choose a faction at the beginning of the game

When you first start the game you will have to choose either GALANOS or DARKHAAN empire. Each side has 3 character systems with rich skill sets and distinct fighting abilities. Our advice to you is to choose a character in the Darkhaan empire, but you are free to choose.

What you have to consider will be the role you want to play, especially where you will have to work with others to complete missions or succeed in battle. Be sure to choose a character that can fight when you’re solo as well as in team combat.

Prioritize main tasks

AxE Alliance vs Empire doesn’t just throw you into massive battles, there’s not a lot of premise as to why you have to get into them. The game’s intro and initial quests give you an idea of ​​the causes of the war and the lore of the game’s universe, each mission revealing why you must fight for the faction. mine.

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Also, the more important reason to prioritize main quests lies in the rewards it gives you over what can be obtained at other side quests. Because you will initially get your most basic items from completing a few main quests, and then unlocking new modes or features.

Know when to avoid using Auto-Battle

Auto mode has become a regular part of action MMORPGs and it is a feature that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. Since large areas of land can be troublesome to navigate by hand. With auto mode enabled in the MMORPG, quests, exploration and even some battles become easier.

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On the other hand, some of the AxE Alliance vs Empire battles can be a bit more difficult on autoplay. They can involve harder mobs, stronger Bosses or other players. As such, for tough opponents where the play-offs won’t work in your favor with relying on auto-battle mode, chances are good that you’ll lose or lose the battle.

Join the guild when conditions permit

Clans are an essential part of every MMO game, and AxE Alliance vs Empire is no exception. With various game features based on cooperative participation, some rewards can be more easily obtained through clan activities, each player becomes an active part of any clan to ensure the growth of the character and progress like others.

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Upgrade weapons and equipment as needed

Equipment in AxE Alliance vs Empire follows a typical rarity system represented by the colors White (Normal) to Yellow (Legendary). The higher the rarity of the device, the better the stats. You will initially get most of the Green (Good) and Blue (Rare) colors. Each device can be leveled up by sacrificing other similar items to upgrade its stats.

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When an item’s development reaches its maximum, you can augment them with upgrade stones. Combining two weapons or items of the same level can create a higher level item, although it can take a lot of time and resources to do this, it is a godly way to level up. can increase the combat power of the character.

Engage in different battle modes

There are many other game modes that you can join when you find yourself stuck on the main quest. Dungeons and Arena will be among the first additional modes you’ll unlock and enter daily, on top of which you can earn gear and items hard to find elsewhere. Be sure to complete the missions on each mode and keep trying to unlock the rest of the AxE Alliance vs Empire game modes.

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Above is all that Taimienphi wants to say for beginners AxE Alliance vs Empire. Hopefully readers learned something before diving deeper into the game. If there are tips and strategies you feel should be included in this guide, be sure to let us know via the comments section below.
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