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Here’s how to help you make money fast in the famous GTA Online street robbery game of GTA 5.

Guide to making money in GTA Online

Since its release Grand Theft Auto 5, prices and amount of vehicles, weapons, clothing and many other cool items that can be purchased in multiplayer games GTA Online has increased significantly. That is, the amount of money that can be earned while playing the game also increases. The article summarizes the best ways to make legal money in GTA Online to help players easily understand this sometimes somewhat confusing topic.

Many classic ways to make money are not listed below such as racing, deathmatch, missions, game modes … However, the amount of money earned compared to the first time has not increased much since 2013. Therefore, they inefficient. They can be a useful starting and ending option for new players. After all, as long as you don’t love the game, you must go and make money.

Note that the content below focuses entirely on the “best” ways to make money. You are completely free to combine doing what you like to do at the same time. The money earned per hour is mainly through activities at Gunrunning bunker or trading underground cocaine while plowing VCargo and VIP Work (if played alone) or Pacific Standard Heist (group play). However, repeating actions can easily create boredom. If you focus on plowing, the maximum amount of money you earn is about 500,000 USD / hour. It sounds like a lot, but it will take you more than 600 hours to buy all the available vehicles. When making money becomes a daily task, more like a “piece of rice, a shirt” rather than a game or you are no longer interested, pause it and find another relief game. If you are still passionate, read it now Fastest money making tips in GTA Online down here:

Double Money Event

GTA Online's money doubling event

Keep an eye out for double money events. Rockstar will change the way players can raise money pretty much every week. They can be racing, competition or trading, Gunrunning bunker, Vehicle Cargo … The more options you open, the more opportunities you have to make the most of this event if they are profitable items. For example there is the Double Money for Heists program (very rare), you should try to plow the game during the week.


Proceed to rob

Profit potential: 400,000 USD / hour

Request: Luxury apartment (lowest price: 200,000 USD) and 3 friends

Method: Enter the room you intend to rob in the luxury apartment and choose where to start. You need to pay in advance. Invite three friends to join the task of preparing and ending. Good team formation of 4 players is encouraged as communication and quick action skills will shorten the completion time. Besides, please take advantage of the online tutorials for each task.

Tips: Pacific Standard Heist in Hard mode brings the most profit every hour, more than any other method of making money if done effectively with good gangs. The host of the robbery mission will not earn money on the preparation mission and will have to spend money to start each mission. So, best, the split should be 40% for the leader, 20% each for the four players to make the same amount.

Doomsday Heist

Proceeding robbery

Profit potential: 300,000 USD / hour

Request: Works (lowest price: 1.25 million USD), 1 to 3 accomplices

Method: Enter the room you intend to rob in your building, choose the starting location. As the leader of the robbery, you have to pay a fee to start the campaign. Invite 1, 2 or 3 friends to plan, prepare and run. Like above, let’s team up with good players because communication and skills are almost decisive in mission failure.

Tips: The stolen amount is unchanged. Therefore, instead of 4, you should complete the task with 2 other people, the amount divided by each accomplice will be more. However, the task will be more difficult and time consuming. Because you, the leader has to pay money to open the robbery, you should divide the result by 40% (4 people) / 50% (3 people) / 60% (2 people) for yourself, and the rest divided equally by accomplices.

Special Cargo

Profit potential: 200,000 USD / hour

Request: Office (lowest price: $ 1 million), warehouse (lowest price: $ 250,000), organizational member (CEO)

Method: Setting up the company as CEO from option SecuroServ in the interactive menu. Go to the computer in the office, select “Special Cargo“, press”Buy“On the desired quantity of boxes. You need to complete the task of transporting crates to the warehouse. You can only carry one box at a time, so you have to go back and forth quite a lot. After completing the shipping, you can use the laptop in the warehouse to sell the boxes for a profit.

Tips: Buying more boxes at a time will save more time, especially when having friends help collect and deliver them to the warehouse. The more barrels you sell at a time, the more money you will make from each barrel. Therefore, you should own a large warehouse to store and sell. Of course, that warehouse price is also more expensive. Selling 111 boxes at a time is more risky. One is that you earn 2.2 million or lose nothing.

Vehicle Cargo

Stealing goods in GTA Online

Profit potential: 300,000 USD / hour

Request: Office (lowest price: $ 1 million), vehicle storage (lowest price: $ 1.5 million), organizational member (CEO)

Method: Establish the organization as CEO from the SecuroServ option in the respective menu. Go to the computer in the office, select “Vehicle Cargo “=>” Source Vehicle “. You need to complete the vehicle theft mission and drive it back to the storage. Be careful when driving because if it is accidentally damaged, you will lose money to repair it, which affects your profit. You can use the laptop in the warehouse to export the stolen vehicle on the transport mission, turning it into personal revenue.

Tips: Repeat the quest of robbing the car until the warehouse has 10 popular vehicles, 10 types of general range without the same one. At this point, each robbery quest will give you a luxury vehicle until you have 12. Just exporting these great cars and trying to sell as many vehicles as possible at the same time will help you maximize your profit per hour.

Air Freight Cargo

How to make money fast in GTA Online

Profit potential: 150,000 USD / hour

Request: Hangar (lowest price: 1.2 million USD), organizational member (VIP / CEO)

Method: Set up the organization as a VIP or CEO from SecuroServ. Then go to your airplane terminal computer, click “Source“, Choose the type of shipment you want to rob. You need to complete the task of shipping the goods to the warehouse, then use the laptop there to sell them for money.

Tips: Ideally you should only steal one item. It could be an anesthetic, chemical or a medical supply. You receive 35% interest for selling 25 cases of these merchandise and 75% commission for selling 50 cases. If you want to sell out of stock, you need the help of your teammates. In general, stealing goods with friends is more effective.


GTA Online smuggling weapons

Profit potential: 80,000 USD / hour (passive income while doing other things)

Request: Bunker (lowest price: 1.2 million USD), organizational member (VIP / CEO)

Method: Establish an organization in which you are a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ menu. Use the computer in Bunker choose “Resupply” => “Steal Supplies” or “Buy Supplies”. You will need to complete the task of shipping the items to Bunker if you select “Steal Supplies” or they will be delivered to your warehouse immediately if you select “Buy Supplies”. When stock is in stock, your employees begin production, turning them into products while you’re engaged in another activity in the game. Then, you can use the laptop in stock to sell them.

Tips: “Buy Supplies” are more time-efficient because you only need to let your employees manufacture and purchase equipment / staff upgrades. This is a source of passive income, so you should leave it running in the background while making money using the ways listed above. There is no bonus for selling fully stocked Bunkers. Also, if you want to do that, you need support from your friends.

Motorcycle Club

Vehicle sales in GTA Online

Profit potential: 80,000 USD / hour (passive)

Request: Clubhouse (lowest price: $ 200,000), business (lowest price: $ 650,000) and president of the Motorcycle club

Method: Create a Motorcycle Club, in which you are the president from the corresponding option in the menu. Go to the computer in your corporate headquarters building, select “Resupply” => “Steal Supplies” or “Buy Supplies”. You will need to complete the task of shipping the materials to the company if you select “Steal Supplies” or they will be automatically shipped if “Buy Supplies” is selected. Once you have the ingredients, your employees will begin to manufacture them, turning them into commodities while you do other tasks. Finally, you can use computers in your business to sell and make a profit.

Tips: Cocaine production is the most profitable (on par with arms smuggling). Although the sale of the sale takes longer, the cocaine wholesale price is also the cheapest, at $ 975,000. “Buy Supplies” are more time efficient. Because this is a passive source of income, you should take advantage of other money-making tasks. There is no bonus for selling full stock and doing this quest also requires friends to help you if you use multiple means for the sale mission.

VIP Work

VIP Work in GTA Online

Profit potential: 150,000 USD / hour

Request: Organizational member (VIP / CEO)

Method: As a VIP or CEO, you will create an organization from the SecuroServ option in the respective menu. Open the interactive menu, select “VIP Work“, Tick the task you want to do. You need to do a free wandering quest and will receive a bonus after completing it successfully.

Tips: This quest is a great way to make money in the meantime, such as waiting for the goods to arrive at the warehouse. Why so? The reason is very simple because these tasks are relatively fast and the income is quite good. However, compared to other monetization methods, the profit is lower. They are worthwhile ancillary jobs when you need to increase your income quickly, but cannot replace other ways of making money. Headhunter, Hostile Takeover and Sightseer are well worth their time.

Premium Races

Profit potential: 80,000 USD / race

Request: High-speed cars / motorcycles, good racing ability

Method: Drive to a special racing location (where there is a golden steering wheel on the map) or hover over there and start the mission on the map. When lobbying (lounge) has 8 people, you will lose 20,000 USD in your bank account. You have to finish 3rd or higher to recoup that investment. Bonus to the winner is 100,000 USD, second place is 30,000 USD, third place refunds the race fee: 20,000 USD.

Tips: Premium Races change weekly. They are like a form of betting. You have to wait until there are enough people in the lobby and nothing is guaranteed that the quest will be profitable. If you are good at speed games, have good cars, and are familiar with the racetrack, this can be a remarkably lucrative job. On the contrary, you should consider it before joining Premium Races.

Time Trials

Race timers in GTA Online

Profit potential: 50,000 USD / timed race

Request: Car / Motorcycle super speed

Method: Drive to the timed racing venue (the location with the clock icon on the map). Start the race when you feel ready and try to get to the finish faster than the allotted time. This race has no checkpoints so you can follow any desired route. If successful, you will receive a prize of about 50,000 USD.

Tips: Time Trials change weekly. You can only win prizes for completing them once per week. The game does not limit the number of trials and you can return to the starting point. However, the more time you spend on it, the less money you will make. In general, drag the steering wheel in the speeding racing car to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Daily Objectives

Daily quests in GTA Online

Profit potential: 1.6 million USD / 28 days

Request: Rank 15

Method: Open the interactive menu and select “Daily Objectives”. It will show 3 goals that need to be completed for that day. Complete each task, you will receive a prize of 25,000 USD. In some difficult tasks, you can ask a friend for help to complete more easily.

Tips: This is one of those how to make money in GTA Online It’s easiest if you do it every day because you will get a huge bonus for completing 7 or 28 days of consecutive quests. Specifically, the award for 7 consecutive days is 100,000 USD, 28 days is 500,000 USD. The total amount earned after completing all daily goals within 28 days is 1.6 million USD (28x25k + 4x100k + 500k).

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