Tips for “burning friends’ houses” in the fastest and most accurate Pirate Kings game.

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Pirate Kings is HOT like a flint in the world of mobile games, invitations to play Pirate Kings are sent to each other every day, every hour on the social network Facebook? If you are a Gamer playing the role of Pirate in Pirate Kings, the tips to “burn your friends’ houses” in Pirate Kings below will help you quickly become a true Pirate King.

With a very simple gameplay, Pirate Kings attracts players from the first time you play, you can play Pirate Kings on computer or on your mobile device quickly. This article shares tips to “burn your friends’ houses” in the fastest and most accurate Pirate Kings.

Tips “Burn your friends’ houses” in the fastest and most accurate Pirate Kings game.

Tip 1: Use the “power” from Facebook
In Pirate Kings to capture the beautiful islands you have to return to the Attack box, because the limited number of spins leads to a small chance of hitting the Attack box. When you use up the number of turns you have to wait 30 minutes to have 5 more spins…a meager number on the quest to conquer the beautiful islands. So is there a way to increase the number of spins of the wheel of fortune? The answer is yes ! Invite as many Facebook friends as possible to play Pirate Kings. Each time invite is successful immediately you have 20 more spins, increasing the chance to burn other people’s island!

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Tip 2: Save the opportunity, take advantage of the negligence.
Saving has never been superfluous, especially in the quest to conquer Pirate Kings, with Pirate Kings, if your number of spins is less than 50 times, you will be given 5 more turns every hour, as mentioned above. It’s not much, save the opportunity to shoot by calculating carefully, take the golden hour to shoot, bombard your friends’ islands as much as possible and take advantage of the negligence of your friends, when they don’t ask. room or log exit game is your chance to…burn the house.

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Besides saving opportunities, you must know how to take advantage of the enemy’s negligence to make the enemy’s house “the brightest in the region”.

You only have a maximum of 3 defensive armor (Defend) and do not accept the addition of a 4th defense item, if you are lucky to have less than 50 spins left but already have 3 defensive armor, it is best you should Stop using spins to avoid fees if you accidentally hit the Defend box.

Tip 3: Do not accumulate yellow letters.
Is this something that surprises you? Right ! Do not accumulate gold if you are playing Pirate Kings.
If you accumulate gold the amount of gold will increase daily and your name will appear in the list of “Phu Ong” CashKing, this can make you happy for a while and danger soon after. Competitors often see the “Rich List” to choose to beat and steal gold. So if you cause trouble for yourself, you will lose time conquering others.

Meow, you're beautiful

That’s why tip number 3 we advise you not to accumulate gold letters instead of words, please upgrade your items and refurbish your island instead of “copying it for the tiger to eat”.

Tip 4: Remember the attendance schedule at Daily Bonus
Daily Bonus is like a form of attendance and gives players a chance to get 1 free coin/Coin for a day, so be sure to visit Daily Bonus to get your bonus.

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With the received coins you will use to play slot machines (slots) to receive valuable rewards and the opportunity to open treasure chests.
Besides the above tips, you must also know how to use flexible attack tactics and smart investments to become the Pirate King.

The above are tips for you to “burn your friends’ houses” in Pirate Kings most effectively, in addition, you need to learn How to play Pirate Kings so that there are more ways to quickly become the pirate king
When using, you should combine all the tips together instead of using them individually to be more effective, become a TOP player in the game. play Pirate Kings – Pirate King with

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