TI8 Highlight Day 4: Last moments of the group stage

TI8 Highlight Day 4 Những giây phút cuối cùng của vòng bảng - Emergenceingame

TI8 Highlight Day 4

The group stage of The International 2018 has ended. Let’s take a look at the melancholy matches as well as the confusing handling of the 4th day of competition. TI8 Highlight Day 4:

Newbee proves that Roshan level 1 can still happen

There are very few people who can recall how the Roshan phase 1 at level 1 happened. Since Bounty Rune appeared with buffed Roshan, eating Roshan level 1 has become too dangerous with runes to be the safer option and the goal for us to focus on. However, Newbee reminded everyone that the Wraith King/Ursa combo can still do it, both controlled by Kaka and kpii.

Yapz0r Rubick Sniper

You don’t often see a hero die in less than half a second. Yapz0r used Rubick to create this highlight.

Sccc Black Hole up to THREE times

We rarely see a great Black Hole in a match, due to the pressure and difficulty of deploying it. But Sccc doesn’t care about a Black Hole or two as he can hit three Black Holes in a short time to win against Team Secret. beat Roshan perfectly against Vici Gaming shows why they are strong contenders for the tournament: teamfight is their strength. Extremely calm, 9pasha’s Winter Wyvern didn’t give Vici Gaming a chance to fight back.

MATUMBAMAN Broodmother with Miracle Riki escort

Playing Dota 2 is very hard: you have to push a lot of buttons in the same match, especially with Miracle-, one of the players with the best microphone talent in the world, decided to take a break to let ultimate Riki do everything. with the support of MATUMBAMAN.

EE-sama once again ‘squeezing’ herself

EternaLEnVy can write a book about Terrorblade’s Sunder phases, with examples of when and when not to use them. This time, he swapped blood with the support team DJ so that the DJ wouldn’t be killed by SumaiL’s Zeus… in return, EE’s Terrorblade was the dead one. Not worth it at all.

According to cybersports

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