This is the best lineup to climb Rank, race Top in Triple Hearts

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The formation in Triple Hearts is an important thing to create effective combat in the game. In conquering the rank, having the correct formation affects the game as well as the results you win. Here is a suggested lineup to help gamers win more easily in ranked matches.

The strategy game is quite attractive to players Triple Hearts proved to satisfy many players when bringing a new and exciting tactical experience. Conquering the top on the rank is what any player wants. To do so, you need a quality squad, not too strong but suitable.

this is the top ranking in triple hearts top

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There can be many ways to assemble the squad, but the selection below is said to be quite powerful, based on effective tactics to climb the top racing rank. As for players who choose the strategy of prioritizing the strength of the Hero, winning by destroying all 3 of the opponent’s Heroes, the following lineup will be quite suitable.

This is the best lineup to climb Rank, race Top in Triple Hearts

– Select Hero:

+ The Butcher of Kakedoo;
+ Samara Hell Fire;
+ Patrol Captain Theodore

– Soldier units:

+ Swordsman;
+ Female Priests;
+ Assassins; Cavalry;
+ Smasher

You can see the squad boost effect including Hero multiplies crit by 40%, Hero’s ATK by 15% and human unit HP by 20%. This is a squad that deals damage to champions. With the Presence of Samara Hellfire, possessing instant kills and greatly increased damage and criticality, the opponent’s Hero will be apprehensive.

this day is the top ranking climber in triple hearts 2

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For those who want to ensure victory, the strategy of destroying the Fortress is not a bad choice. Your mission is simple, defend and summon specialized units to destroy the Fortress:

– Select Hero:

+ Ellowen Dawn Light;
+ Guardian Elandir;
+ Shakar Blood Mage

– Soldier units:

+ Female Priests;
+ Swordsman;
+ Mage;
+ Knights;
+ Archer

This squad has a decent Squad Booster effect for defense, with Fairy Units gaining 15% attack range and surviving with 1 HP and Wilderness Units getting 40% crit chance/HP reduction by 20 %. It is easy to see that using Elandir Guardian and Archer unit for defense is not bad, when it increases attack range to 15% and survives with 1 HP.

These are 2 squads with 2 opposite tactics, although it is difficult to compare which strategy is stronger and more effective, but it is very useful for players to customize their own style. In addition, you can create many other types of squads according to your intentions and preferences. Climbing rank also needs a variety of types of battles so that it is difficult for the opponent to guess and catch your cards.

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