Things to know about Boss Raid in EverWing

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When entering EverWing, surely a lot of people will not be dangerous. What is Boss Raid? What to do to join Boss Raid? What types of Boss Raids are there? How to strengthen them? Boss Raid how to be effective? All answers will be in the article below, invite you to join us:

What is Boss Raid?

Boss Raid is a boss hunting activity for chat groups on Facebook Messenger. Boss Raid is divided into 10 levels, 4 star levels, of course the higher the level, the stronger and the bigger the reward. These Bosses are often very strong, with the peak stats of millions, even hundreds of millions of health. Within 60 seconds you must do the most damage to defeat the Boss.

Boss Raid

Types of Boss Raid in EverWing

Up to now, EverWing has 7 types of Boss: Monster King, Mildred, Fluffy, Monster Queen, Spike, Ice Queen and Dr. Mekaniak. Specifically invite you to join us to learn each type as follows:

Boss Monster King

  • Properties: Not available.
  • Engraving properties: Dark.
  • Characteristics: Alternating each time firing 3 small bullets from the mouth very slowly, the stick is directed at the character.

Boss Monster King

Boss Mildred

  • Properties: Plant.
  • Engraving properties: Fire.
  • Characteristics: Each throws 4 to 6 small bullets very quickly in 3 fixed directions.


Boss Fluffy

  • Properties: Poison.
  • Engraving properties: Plant.
  • Characteristics: Every 4 to 5 seconds, it automatically rushes downwards, when destroyed, splits itself in half until all the blood is gone.

Boss Fluffy

Boss Monster Queen

  • Properties: Dark.
  • Engraving properties: The light.
  • Characteristics: Automatically calls out the tornado flying around, attacking the player. The Boss himself also attacks the player continuously with a spiral of death, causing him to constantly move to avoid.

Monster Queen

Boss Spike

  • Properties: Ice.
  • Engraving properties: Fire.
  • Characteristics: Throw snowballs to the side bouncing bullets at the player, calling for snow to fall from above and emerge from below.


Boss Ice Queen

  • Properties: Ice.
  • Engraving properties: Fire.
  • Characteristics: Automatically calls out the tornado flying around, attacking the player. The Boss himself also calls for snow falling from above and rising from the bottom.

Ice Queen

Boss Dr. Mekaniak

  • Properties: Metal.
  • Engraving properties: Country.
  • Characteristics: Continuously moving around the map, firing small projectiles in all 4 directions, firing 2 missiles that automatically target the player. Then, call out the mini plane rushing downwards, when touching the bottom of the screen will explode.

Dr.  Mekaniak

Types of Boss enhancement in EverWing

Similar to equipment in the tactical role-playing game genre, EverWing also allows players to enhance the Boss to increase the power significantly. Enhancement is divided into 2 categories:

Strong Reinforcement

  • Tiny: Make the Boss smaller, deduct 1 point.
  • Giant: Make Boss bigger, more health, plus 1 point.
  • Hyper: Make Boss attack faster, plus 1 point.
  • Ancient: Causes Boss to attack faster, louder and increase health. Plus 2 points.
  • Doom: Call out 2 waves of Bats wearing armor to block the bullets, 3 each wave. Attributes engraved by Light, plus 3 points.
  • Ethereal: Making Boss invulnerable for a short time, plus 3 points.
  • Hell: Meteors fall throughout the game screen, plus 3 points.

Weak Strengthening

  • Blinding: Reduced health, increased speed. Attribute engraved by Darkness, plus 1 point.
  • Dark: Reduce speed, increase special abilities. Attributes engraved by Light, plus 1 point.
  • Frozen: Increases health, decreases speed. Attributes with Fire engraved, plus 1 point.
  • Molten: Make the Boss fight faster. Attributes engraved with Water, plus 1 point.
  • Overlord: Call out multiple waves of monsters, plus 1 point.
  • Toxic: Reduces health, increases special abilities. Attributes engraved by Trees, plus 1 point.

Boss Raid Rewards in EverWing

The Boss hunting path is too arduous and difficult, but the reward is also extremely valuable. You will have a lot of gold, trophies and legendary dragons that you normally cannot get. The reward is based on the damage done to the Boss. Upon successful boss defeat, you can choose 3 to 5 Treasure Chests out of the 25 available Chests, you can even use the trophy to buy more turns to open the Treasure Chest.

Each type of treasure chest will have different items divided by level, the maximum level is 20. Levels of treasure chests are calculated according to the formula: Boss Level (up to 10) + Boss Star Level (up to 4) + Boss Strengthening (up to 4).

  • Lowest level has only 1% chance to unleash Dragon Raid, 2,000 gold and 40 trophies.
  • Top level with 50% chance to unleash Dragon Raid, 250,000 gold and 1,000 trophy.

When you understand things related to Boss Raid you will quickly defeat them, bring valuable rewards to show off to your friends.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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