The Witcher 4 was accidentally confirmed by the developer

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CD Projekt Red is planning to expand its successful RPG titles. According to a new business strategy report, the studio plans to “parallel development of AAA games” by 2022, starting with “two key brands” namely: The Witcher and Cyberpunk. The developer also shared that the new projects will be “multi-genre” RPGs with “online experiences”, in addition to single-player storylines.


Managing director CDPR“CD Projekt Red produces AAA quality RPGs and that hasn’t changed,” said Adam Kiciński. The point of change is the approach online experience in the long term. We are building an online technology that can be seamlessly integrated into the development of future games.”

The change in approach also means that the development project of the multiplayer version of Cyberpunk 2077 will not be implemented. Currently, the studio is investing in the “online experience” of all upcoming AAA games. The developer intends to get rid of the idea of ​​making multiplayer games.


REDengine will continue to be the development tool for future game projects of both the Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises, but the studio will arrange staffing to share resources between the two games. For example, both games can use the same NPC behavior development and character control technology.

In addition, CD Projekt will change its marketing approach: “We learned a lot from our marketing and PR campaigns for Cyberpunk 2077. We see changes that need to be made in the coming years. Specifically, future promotional campaigns will be shorter and closer to release, meaning trailers, demos and gameplay will be released closer to the game’s release date.


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