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The sad news for GTA V gamers is that the game will not have DLC for single player

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In December 2013, Rockstar confidently announced that the game would have its own single player DLC. Now, it’s been almost 4 years and the publisher has confirmed all exclusive updates for GTA Online, the problem now is where is the promised single player DLC?

In a press conference with Game Informer, Rockstar CEO Imran Sarwar said the scale of the game on console and PC is in 2014 and 2015, along with the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 project should have Perhaps the single player DLC plan for Grand Theft Auto 5 is impossible.

“As a game studio that loves single player more than anything, and believes in that completely – To be able to convey the story and describe the world in the game, multiplay cannot compete with single player.” Sarwar said. “With GTA 5 single player being such a wonderful and perfect thing, it is a combination of 3 titles in one. The next-gen version took almost a year to satisfy every gamer, and then the Online mode with a lot of potential but to promote it requires a lot of human resources. And finally to other games, namely Red Dead Repdemption 2.”

“For these three reasons we feel that it is possible or necessary for the game to have its own single player DLC, but this is probably a later project. As a part of Rockstar, we always put perfection first, so we always put all our manpower and time to complete those jobs. Not everything is possible, we still love the open-world single player genre more than any other game genre.”

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According to a reference, in December 2013, an article by Rockstar stated that they were working on “A Big Plan for 2014” where they continued with the 3 characters “Michael, Franklin” and Trevor’s with action, violence and unexpected adventures south of San Andreas.” However, in the GI interview, Sarwar emphasized that mid-2014 will be a big turning point for GTA Online.

And finally Sarwar also said that updates will not be as frequent as before when Red Dead Remption 2 is released. “One of the coolest things about working on a project like this is that you can get back to the project very quickly, so we don’t have to finish it to do other projects.” Sarwar said.

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