The online game of swordplay “debts” the Nga Mi faction to apologize for the mistake for 20 years

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What is shown in the online swordplay game is not like the Nga Mi sect of Kim Dung’s novel.

For those who have been attached to Vo Lam Truyen Ky in the early days or love the online swordplay genre, it will not be strange to break Nga Mi. With the ability to support and heal great, Nga Mi is one of the most popular sects in the world of online swordplay.

Online game of swordplay "in debt" The Emi sent an apology for the mistake of 20 years

One thing can be confirmed right away, in an online role-playing game, the role of “healing characters” is extremely important. Even in a party, the support position sometimes has a broader influence than the main damage.

Throughout the missions and activities of the game, the appearance of the character Nga Mi in the squad is almost mandatory. Not only helping her teammates recover a large amount of health, Nga Mi also possesses many skills to strengthen other characters, such as increasing maximum health, increasing damage, increasing resistance, and anti-poison. , magic resistance… Even in some games, the characters of the Nga Mi faction have the ability to instantly revive teammates, allowing them to immediately return to the battle and not lose % of experience (exp) when died.

Online game of swordplay "in debt" The Emi sent an apology for the mistake of 20 years

The appearance of Emi plays a role in the success or failure of any battle. A strong squad does not necessarily have all the systems and factions, but it does have to have an Emi character, which is inevitable.

The power and influence of Nga Mi in the online swordplay genre is well known, but there is one thing that many people don’t know, which is that Kim Dung’s story (and in real life) is far from it. compared to what many game makers build. Judging from what Kim Dung described, the martial arts of the Emi school can be classified as fierce with extremely large damage.

The origin of the Emi sect in the Kim Dung novel is Guo Xiang, who has mastered many martial arts techniques in the world. In which, the two things that have the most influence on the martial arts of the later Nga Mi school are Cuu Duong Than Cong and Dao Hoa Dao martial arts. In general, both types of martial arts are incapable of healing, including the missing part of Cuu Duong Than Cong that Quach Tuong learned from Master Giac Vien (later changed to Nga Mi Cuu Duong Cong).

Online game of swordplay "in debt" The Emi sent an apology for the mistake of 20 years

Killing Jue Master Thai uses Nga Mi Cuu Duong Cong along with Ỷ Thien Sword.

Next to the later generations of masters like Dieu Tuyet Su Thai or Chu Chi Nhuoc, their martial arts are extremely fierce, even somewhat loveless, always wanting to take the enemy’s life. Killing Tuyet Su Thai also created and taught his disciples two types of sword techniques named “Death Sword” and “Excellent Sword”, to imply that when the sword was swung, it was necessary to take the opponent’s life, not leaving behind the enemy’s life. any way of life.

About Chu Chi Nhuoc, the only thing that allowed the 4th generation of Emi’s master to heal himself and heal others was a part of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh (this part was originally written in Sanskrit but has since been changed). translated into Chinese by the brother of Nam De Doan Tri Hung). However, because the Nine Yin Chan Kinh was not passed on to other disciples, this type of martial art was not counted as belonging to the Emi sect.

In short, according to what is described in the Kim Dung novel, the martial arts of the Emi sect have a lot of offensive tendencies, not in the form of support like what the game makers have built. This is something that is probably quite “unfortunate” for the Emi sect for many years. Although there are still some types of character building “Nga Mi Chuong”, however, the thought of “Support Nga Mi” has been framed in the minds of many, many generations of gamers.

Online game of swordplay "in debt" The Emi sent an apology for the mistake of 20 years

The way to build the character of Nga Mi Chuong is quite rare.

Going back a little to the martial arts school with a tendency to support and heal, if to build the most accurately from Kim Dung’s novel to an online game, Shaolin is the most appropriate sect. The two famous sets of internal Gong and Mind Dharma of this sect, Dich Can Kinh and Cuu Duong Than Cong (complete version), both have extremely good healing abilities. Let’s talk about the case of Truong Vo Ky (thanks to Cuu Duong Than Cong to treat his injuries and maintain his life) or like Lenh Ho Chong (a disease that was close to death but was saved by Master Fang Cheng using Dich Can Kinh).

Thus, if in the future there is an online swordplay game that wants to properly convey the contents of the Kim Dung story, perhaps build Shaolin into a sect that specializes in buffing and supporting other teammates. About Emi, let’s return the true power to this sect.

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