The most used free WiFi transmitter software for laptops

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Choosing a laptop wifi transmitter software to help turn this device into a wifi hotspot for your phone right in your room is an effective and widely used way, just download and install the tools. For free below, you won’t have to catch your neighbor’s wifi anymore.

You will not have to waste time choosing and spending a whole lot of money to buy a set of WiFi transceivers at home, or have to bring your laptop or phone to free WiFi hotspots to be able to connect. Internet.

wifi hotspot on laptop

The most used free WiFi transmitter software for laptops

Now, with WiFi broadcasting software you don’t have to do so, these software will turn your laptop into direct WiFi hotspots, as long as your computer has an Internet connection.

Best software to broadcast WiFi on laptop

1. MyPublicWiFi (Free of charge)

MyPublicWiFi is wifi transmitter software allows you to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot quickly. Along with the encryption mode according to the WPA2 standard, you can better protect your computer against Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spyware or Rootkit .. spreading to your computer through an Intenret connection.

Like utilities with similar functions, you can optionally set up a password for each WiFi code you just generated. The program will automatically display a list of computers or mobile devices that are connected to your WiFi, you can optionally record and monitor all Web sites visited virtual via WiFi-Hotspot.

View details and download the latest version of MyPublicWiFi

wifi hotspot on laptop

See how broadcast Wifi with MyPublicWiFi with the simplest and easiest installation steps. Your laptop will instantly become the perfect wifi hotspot for mobile devices.

2. mHotspot (Free of charge)

mHotspot is rated as wifi transmitter software Free is the hottest today, because it fully meets the needs of users.

The highlight of mHotspot is that the configuration for use is quite simple, with just a few setup steps, you have a wifi hotspot on your laptop right away. Besides, mHotspot supports all current operating systems including windows XP, 7, 8.1, including the latest operating system Windows 10.

View details and download the latest versions of mHotspot

mhotspot free wifi hotspot

3. Maryfi (Free of charge)

Maryfi is WiFi transmitter software on laptops used on Windows 7 operating system. This is an application designed exclusively for available WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, SmartPhones, music players, game consoles…

Use this utility to access the Internet anytime, anywhere, no need to come with many devices such as hardware, wires or plugs, chargers to connect. You can optionally extend the surfing network as well as the range available to the network. In addition, in Offline Networking mode allows you to share data, folders and drives.

Built-in strong security mode according to WPA2 standard allows you to optionally set a password to protect the WiFi connections you create, preventing other people’s computers and devices from arbitrarily accessing without permission. get your consent.

View details and download the latest version of Maryfi

Software to broadcast wifi windows 8

See how broadcast wifi with Maryfi to turn your laptop into a perfect wifi hotspot for your mobile phone.

The above are 3 of the many software that can turn a laptop into a WiFi transmitter. In addition to these free wifi broadcasting software, if you are using Windows 10, you can search and download the Free WiFi transmitter software on Windows 10 here.
One of the most used wifi transmitter software is Connectify. Because Connectify is commercial software, it costs money, but because of that, broadcast wifi using Connectify will give you stronger and more stable wifi wavelengths than the rest of the software.

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