The most effective way to upgrade Laplace M Gia Vien

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Laplace M Gia Vien is the place where you can spend the most time to be able to receive countless rewards, contributing to your development in the game later. Be sure to read on as Taimienphi will share many helpful tips and tricks for this Laplace M Gia Vien.

Laplace USA may have just been officially launched recently, but the speed of fan growth has put it at the top of the charts. With dozens of MMORPGs available in the market and some of them can compete with the graphics, the gameplay of Laplace M. Perhaps, what makes Laplace M stand out from the rest is the bright graphics. , lively and cute pets.

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What is Gia Vien Laplace M?

In Laplace M, Gia Vien is a place where you can grow crops, raise livestock and make food, through the Gia Vien facility to sell goods to customers and receive rewards. Not only that, you also get unlimited EXP by Fishing, Chopping Wood and Digging Minerals when building and upgrading Laplace M House.
– To unlock Gia Vien the main character needs to be level 30.
– Simultaneously achieved Age of Bronze on Kingdom Age Records, 100 reputation points.

How to upgrade, get more rewards from Gia Vien Laplace USA

1. Plan, focus on selling to one customer first
As soon as you enter Gia Vien, NPCs will start coming and there are many product orders you have to participate in in exchange for money, experience points and many other rewards. For Gia Vien, this is the best source of EXP to level up quickly and unlock many items. Gia Vien Coins are also needed to purchase some key ingredients as well as other convenient consumables. Lucky for you, no customer will order something you can’t manufacture and most of all, they’re all very patient and waiting in line almost indefinitely.

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Since there’s no need to rush, plan ahead and focus on one guest’s order. A Racoon will also visit once per day and offer to buy lots of eggs in exchange for farm money, sell your eggs as they are easy to produce.

2. Maintain harvest balance
Having a little problem of managing stock and selling products in your Gia Vien, a little strategic approach can help you save money. Basically, you have to know that each crop will double its output once harvested, so for every wheat or flower you can harvest x2. Wheat is also used by chickens for eggs and flowers needed by beehives to produce honey.

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Therefore, the first rule is to always keep enough basic resources to produce or supply any guest. However, you can expand your yield repository by clicking the Granary icon on the desktop. Feel free to expand the storage a bit if you need to, but keep in mind this comes at a cost per step.

3. Collect fish and insect eggs for CoCo
Just to explain more about why fish and insect eggs are important, the Coco Guild can provide various rewards after completing the feat. Each day, each guild member can raise CoCo 25 times. Each time it is fed it will level up joy, and when maxed it will open up a treasure trove for the clan leader, which can then give out rewards to each clan member later on. Naturally, the rewards that guild members can receive will depend on how much they have contributed.

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4. Visit The Charity Center every 12 hours
Right next to the chicken farm is a fountain-like ornament with a giant heart floating on it. The Charity Center aka Charity Center, you’ll want to harvest as many hearts from it as possible in case of emergencies that require rush production. Although most items take less time to complete, the higher the Gia Vien level, the more complex products appear and the longer the preparation time. You can finish the product instantly by consuming hearts in case you want to speed things up, serving the customer. The more decorations in Gia Vien, the more hearts the charity center creates over time.

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Hopefully you’ve learned a lot from our Laplace M Gia Vien upgrade trick, understanding these operations and mechanics will help players develop their characters better, level up Laplace USA fastest for newbies. Again, if there are relevant tips and strategies that you would like to share with us, feel free to do so via the comments section below.
– Link to download Android version: Laplace M for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Laplace M for iPhone

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