The most effective way to care for and raise Adorable Home cats

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For those who have ever owned cats in Adorable Home, they must have gotten used to petting, clipping their nails or bathing them without any problems. But if you are a new player, this will be very difficult, refer to some of the following tips.

In Adorable Home, taking care of cats provides players with an extremely large amount of hearts, the main source of exploitation for you to repair your house and add home decoration items to make it more splendid and majestic, you can Get more hearts and widgets through Adorable Home Code at different times, but the main thing is still taking care and raising cats to both cost less and receive more hearts.

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Instructions on how to take care of Adorable Home cats effectively

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The most effective guide to taking care of and raising Adorable Home cats

1. Play with cats Adorable Home
All Adorable Home cats love to be petted but you have to stroke the right place, each position the player can only touch once on a different spot. After each successful stroke of Adorable Home cat, you will receive 1 heart, they will feel uncomfortable when you touch the wrong place. When you stroke the Adorable Home cat enough times, you have completed the task of playing with the cat. Here are some Adorable Home cat strokes

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Touch the position of the butt, cheeks, back of the cat Adorable Home

adorable home sweet home love love 3

Touch the belly, back, and cheeks of the cat Adorable Home

adorable home sweet home sweet love 4

Touch 1 of 4 Adorable Home cat paws

adorable home sweet home

Touch the position of the cat’s butt Adorable Home

2. Cat nail clippers Adorable Home
With the Adorable Home cat nail clipper, stroke each cat’s claws and don’t let your fingers touch their flesh, when they get angry enough times they won’t let you touch them. no more hands. Note, should not move continuously to the screen, should cut each nail on the Adorable Home cat’s hand.

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3. Bath for cats Adorable Home
When bathing Adorable Home cats, you should adjust the amount of hot water to reduce in the middle as shown below, too hot or too cold water will make them feel uncomfortable. And of course, after only 3 angry times, you have to watch the ad and start all over again taking care of the Adorable Home cat.

adorable home sweet home
Above is the entire guide on how to take care of and raise Adorable Home cats most effectively that readers need to know. Don’t forget that find hearts Adorable Home double every time you bathe, stroke or cut their nails by watching promotional videos.

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