The latest Code Cookie Run: Kingdom and how to enter the code

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a relatively interesting game and attracts many players. The game lets you build a sweet cookie kingdom yourself. Together with cookie heroes against the invaders. Accompanying you are two heroes Sonic and Tails to help fight the enemy. This paragraph Minh Vy will summarize the latest gift codes and how to enter the code.

Cookie Run: Kingdom


Status Code Gift
New 0224CRKDARKCACAO 3,000 Crystal
New COOKIELIVECOUPON three treasure tickets, three 30-minute boosts, two magic cookie cutters, two special cookie cutters, 30 EXP star jelly. 6, 300 rainbow blocks and 1,500 crystals
Still active CK1STANNIVERSARY 100 EXP Star Jelles Lv. 6
Still active CRK1STBIRTHDAYD2 3 Special Cookie Cutters
Still active CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1 1,000 Crystals
Still active GOMAGICOVENEVENT 500 Crystals
Still active WEMADECKTOGETHER 3,000 Crystals
Still active CK1STANNIVERSARY 3,000 Rainbow Cubes and 5,000 Crystals
  • SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM – 1,000 Crystals
  • 2021KRGAMEAWARDS – 1,000 rainbow cubes, 1000 cold crystals, and 5,000 crystals
  • 30MILLIONKINGDOM – 3,000 rainbow cubes and 3,000 crystals
  • KINGDOMNBLUECLUB (Reward: 500 Crystals)
  • REALTOUGHCOOKIES (Reward: 500 Diamonds) if giftcode error please update and try again
  • KINGDOMWITHSONIC (Reward: 1000 Diamonds)
  • DONTNEEDTOPPINGS (Reward: 1000 Diamonds)
  • PARFAITSUBSCRIBE (Reward: 1000 Diamonds)
  • BESTGAMEAWARDTHX (Reward: 3000 Diamonds)
  • COOKIERUNTWITTER (Reward: 1000 Diamonds)
  • XYOKSPZLLUJYFKJN (Reward: 12,000 EXP)
  • CHIMNPERLKINGDOM (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • TIYSVCUKYDPPHTNP (Reward: 50000 Coins)
  • COOKIECHICKENRUN (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • HAPPY100DAYSGIFT (Reward: 1000 Diamonds, Explosive Gems and some other rewards)
  • IELLBHSLKSKZHBGD (Reward: 3 Cookie Cutter)
  • POONGDENGKINGDOM (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMIAMSIXTAN (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMBERYLLULU (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • 2CHAMCOOKINGDOM2 (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMYUNIKO720 (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • WELCOMETOKINGDOM (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMWELOVEYOU (Reward: 3000 Diamonds and 100 Stamina)
  • COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2 (Reward: 401 Diamonds)
  • TAMAGIFT500TOYOU (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • SOQCESWVJWEKZDVB (Reward: 1000 Diamonds)
  • RUSWKGMLKINGDOM6 (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • 12THBRAVEDAY0612
  • JJONDEUKEECOOKIE (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • COOKANGJIKINGDOM (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • DOMINOCOOKINGDOM (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • WELCOMETOCRKMATT (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • WELCOMETOCRKJACE (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • OPENSILVERBUTTON (Reward: 1,000 Diamonds, 20 Tower Keys & 200 Horns)
  • WELCOMETOCKSANNA (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMOKING5927 (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMSWAMP0130 (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMSUNBA0128 (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMYANGDDING (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMLILKA2021 (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • KINGDOMNAMDOBLUE (Reward: 500 Diamonds)
  • 50CAFEREWARD1000 (Reward: Unknown)
  • COOSEBOMEKINGDOM (Reward: 300 Diamonds)
  • TK2PO5GA87DBJALQ (Reward: 500 Diamonds)

Instructions on how to enter the code

Step 1: You proceed Open the app Cookie Run: Kingdom on your mobile device → At the main interface of the game you tap 3 dashes icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Click on the 3 dashes icon

Step 2: Continue to select the item Settings.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Select Settings

Step 3: You click on the item Info → You press the button Copy to copy character id.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Select Info and press Copy

Step 4: You proceed to access the CODE INPUT PAGE → Enter ID and code and press Claim Reward.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Enter ID and code and press Claim Reward

After entering the code, the system will return a message like the image below.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Notification of successful code input

Step 5: You return to the game, at the main interface click on the item Letters in the upper right corner of the screen.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Click on the Mail item

Step 6: Press the button Claim All to receive all gifts in the mail.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
Click the Claim All button to receive all the gifts in the mail

Good luck. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Online Games to update the giftcode regularly. Thank you gamers for reading my post.



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