The King of Fighters ALLSTAR tips for newbies

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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR (KOF All Star) The fighting game of The King of Fighters series is extremely famous before, now available on Android & iOS. With so many characters to collect and upgrade, each team you form can be customized in a variety of ways. In fact, it is a unique action RPG. Allowing players to combine their skills with team members opens up hundreds of the best team-fighting options. Even if you’re not a fan of 2D fighting games or The King of Fighters series, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR make sure to still satisfy the love of the role-playing game and action in you.

How to play The King of Fighters ALLSTAR (KOF All Star)

Rich content and features The King of Fighters ALLSTAR can overwhelm new players. If you’re feeling that way, don’t hesitate to consult how to use skills in King of Fighters ALLSTAR down here.

How to win in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Character skill system in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
Character skill system in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Character development through each match

For new players and every time you pass a chapter, the action game KoF will have newcomers guide to help us get acquainted and understand the plot of that chapter. Of course, each chapter that follows will always be more difficult and dangerous than the previous one.

However, this is nothing to worry about, because according to each battle, your fighting skills will be more fluent, your character’s strength will also be significantly increased.

A reward for you is the new game modes, new features will be unlocked every time you pass the stage successfully. In addition, we can also get more experience points to level up the character, gold and AP points to be able to use more characters.

Each chapter in the storyline of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR will have a match, a small challenge for players to get easier and more rewards. However, this section does not appear directly as the default battles, so players need to remember and enter the challenges of this chapter in order not to miss the chance to receive rewards.

List of characters with number of stars and belonging to different classes
List of characters with number of stars and belonging to different classes

Choose your team to fight

Before each match, players can always know who their opponents are on the right screen. Depending on who the opponent is, how much level and which characters are used, the player can adjust his team accordingly to control.

Based on the colors of the opponents, we can also recognize what is the “boss” to arrange our team in the most reasonable way. Each boss defeat will receive rewards and a certain amount of Hong Ngoc (a special currency in this action RPG).

Each warrior in the game The King of Fighters has different fighting skills and forte. The more challenges you overcome in the game, the more chances you have of getting new character cards.

One important thing that we need to pay attention to, is that each character is not the same, you can observe the number of stars, stats and card colors to distinguish the character’s level and system. Usually 3 or more character cards are quite expensive, however, the maximum level the character can reach is up to 6 stars.

Fight with bosses in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
Fight with bosses in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

It is advised that we should try to have as rich a lineup as possible, both in terms of character systems and attributes, so that when you meet any opponent, you can also have enough force to deal with. best.

Choose a character by generation

As just said, the characters of The King of Fighters All Star are divided according to the hierarchy. Each system will respectively favor a different ability such as attack, defense, assault … We can recognize this character class through the symbol of that card (upper left corner).

  • The cardinal symbol: Balance
  • Holding hands: Attack
  • Shield: Defense
Detail of the characters of the Balance class
Detail of the characters of the Balance class

In addition, each character card with different colors can also counteract each other, making the selection of characters, arranging the team to play The King of Fighters All Star more attractive and brain-weight than ever. Specifically:

  • Card purple card counter blue
  • Color card blue counter Red
  • Card Red color engraving green
  • Color card green counter yellow
  • Card yellow counter purple

These systems will be ineffective while fighting bosses. But in normal battles, in addition to the card level, the main character system is the deciding factor for you to win or lose.

How to prioritize the character

In addition to finding and forming standard 3-person squads, players can also find and use in combination with special character cards, temporarily called Striker. These Strikers not only can perform many combat skills, which help the main character overcome the challenge, but some of these special “assistants” also have the ability to buff or heal the main character. The higher the bond of the protagonist and the assistant, the more valuable and effective the healing effects are.

Perform the HIT chain to get more points
Perform the HIT chain to get more points

You can identify this association through the connection icon (purple chain) on the selected Striker’s card.

For example, in the photo above, the character in position 1-2-3 can call Striker, but only characters 2 and 3 are highly compatible and will be better supported.

The player’s main goal is to choose 3 excellent characters from among the characters they have. Use Gold and other available resources to strengthen them. It’s common for everyone to understand, that is, a strong lineup when all 3 characters are strong, but in the early stages, the resources are not enough for this uniform upgrade. Therefore, choose a character you like best, manipulate the most familiar to focus on upgrading, then you can accumulate resources to gradually increase combat power for the remaining characters later.

Besides choosing the main character to focus on leveling up, you should also pay attention to the star-raising that character. By using the required evolutionary materials, the player can increase the number of stars in their squad. The star increase also means the increase in the stats and fighting power of that character. However, the higher the number of stars, the more difficult the materials needed to level up, and at the same time, use more resources. So, please consider in choosing the star for which character?

Perform rookie missions in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
Perform rookie missions in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Play in Dungeons

Dungeons in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a quite dangerous place with many pitfalls and challenges that are not easy, but at the same time this is also a source of precious items and extremely rich for each player.

Here, we can earn from common items such as Gold, poison items, cores … to super rare and valuable items such as evolution materials, battle cards … There is no limit to the number of times each player can explore these dungeons, but also know, the difficulty of these dungeons increases with each success you succeed.

Equip character

Instead of wearing armor, strengthening weapons or using character enhancers like other action games, survival games, in this fighting game, players will equip their characters with plates. The battle card to increase the battle force for that character.

How to perform combat maneuvers in KoF
How to perform combat maneuvers in KoF

Another important thing to say is that when going to battle, players can base themselves on the enemy’s system, class of characters or the actual situation at that time to choose a character to fight with. You can use the character to counter, change constantly to prick the enemy’s blood, or you can also use a character with the best number of stars and combat force to “balance the team”.

Do the misson

The newcomer task or guide newcomers can be understood exactly as the introduction and guidance of the game for new players. Not only help players get acquainted with the game, but these missions also bring a certain number of rewards to help players develop their characters.

In addition to the beginner quest, the daily quests are also a way to help us get many valuable rewards. You can go directly to the task list to view and select the most appropriate task or the task that has not been done yet.

List of missions in the fighting game The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
List of missions in the fighting game The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

The mission system will automatically “reset” after 24 hours. You can receive a large amount of Gold, Ruby or other valuable items through this activity.

Manipulation in the game

Although the number of stars, fighting force and character system are important factors that cannot be ignored, with a fighting game like KoF, how to perform combat skills, how to create combos, series of “hits” How is also one of the most important factors affecting the outcome of the match.

Although the game supports automatic combat via AI, the real manual character control is the “soul” of the game and makes gamers really excited.

Defense – will greatly reduce the amount of damage your character takes. However, it will also take a while for the counterattack to come back

Dodge – this is usually a jump on or off a side jump. Both have the effect of avoiding attacks, and can counterattack immediately from behind, making the opponent unable to turn back.

The gift list can be obtained while playing The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
The gift list can be obtained while playing The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Timely changing players is also an effective way to get rid of finishing moves or attacks from the enemy.

Make friends with other players

Making friends with other players is also an option and help is needed during tough challenges. Because you will not be able to have all the strongest characters to be able to overcome difficulties on your own, so sending a friend request in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is also one of the great features to help you have. Get to know other players in this awesome action game.

Each time you use and receive help from friends like that, the player will receive a certain amount of friendship points. These points can be accumulated to redeem for experience points or in-game gifts.

Rewards are sent to character Mailboxes
Rewards are sent to the character’s Mailbox

Those are some of the basics of this fascinating fighting game. Perhaps for experienced players, who have played through Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur … this guide seems redundant, but for new players, these are the secrets that are decisive to win or lose. for them.

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