The game set a Guinness Record because the publisher received the most hateful comments in history

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Back in 2017, big man EA had to deal with a mess with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its obnoxious loot boxes. During that time, a community site administrator used the official EA Community Team Reddit account to “defend” players’ complaints about unlocking characters like Darth Vaderm, Luke Skywalker … through the loot box mechanism.​


Accordingly, this employee responded that the arrangements to unlock characters or new game content are all about bringing excitement to players, the development team will also rely on the game’s data to adjust. the percentage of money that the player earns to give the player a greater sense of accomplishment.​


This comment immediately received a lot of conflicting opinions from the players, 683,000 gamers pressed downvoted to express their disapproval of the above “justification”. And two years later, this scandalous comment from Star Wars Battlefront 2 was suddenly recorded in the Guinness World Record for being the most hated comment on the Reddit forum. User–amasha- spotted this in the Guinness Book of World Records and took a photo of it to post on Reddit, which has now racked up over 80,000 upvotes.​


The actual downvoted count of this comment is now down to about 660,000, most likely because some of the previously engaged Reddit accounts were deleted or permanently locked. However, it is still enough to make the name behind me in this ranking have to “breathe smoke”. According to Kotaku, the second most hated comment received only 88,906 downvotes. This shows how much frustration and dissatisfaction gamers have with EA staff’s explanation of loot boxes. In the future, it will not be easy for a record to break this “achievement” of EA.​

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