The first female gamer of Faze Clan to reveal her true gender surprised netizens

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Last July, Ewok – streamer Fortnite Deaf has become the first girl in the lineup of Faze Clan. At that time, “she” was a prominent name marking a turning point in the clan’s development history as well as opening a new future for the clan. female gamer and disabled gamers in the field Esports. More than a year later, Ewok had a spectacular makeover after bravely revealing his true gender.


On the occasion of International Come Out Day (October 11), Ewok bravely revealed his true gender to the fan community via Twitter, that he is actually transgender and his sexual orientation is bisexual. Of course, Ewok also worried a lot about his decision to go public, he had to make a lot of determination to stay true to himself, to be honest with his fans, and at the same time, he also wanted to be an example to pass on. motivation for others. Thankfully, Ewok has received a lot of encouragement and support from netizens.

“I want people to be more open and understanding about this issue. I’ve never felt good in a girl’s body and have always struggled with that. When I was 11 years old, I started dressing like a boy by wearing my brother’s clothes. I even took those pictures. During the past 8 years, I was never satisfied with myself and felt really tired.

I was frustrated and angry with myself. From now on, I am and will try to work and become better. I know the process of changing yourself will be difficult. I’m so worried that I’m dying… I’d really appreciate it if I could get everyone’s support. Thank you all, thank you for always being patient with me.”


Ewok currently has around 200,000 followers on Twitch. Anyway, it is a good thing that his decision received a lot of encouragement and concern from the community. Fans can continue to support him on Twitch and Youtube as well as follow his latest photos and information on Twitter and Instagram.​

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