The father of League of Legends prepares for a brand new game

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Riot Games always joke that one day they will have to redefine “plural names” and develop something unrelated to League of Legends. That’s why the ambition reaches far beyond the border MOBA always in the plan and recently Riot Games co-founder Marc Merrill has continued to confirm that. He said Riot will not only be known as the name that makes League of Legends but will also have many other games to be launched in the next 5 years.


Mr. Marc Merrill said.

These ideas include development, of course League of Legends become an MMORPG like World of WarCraft, which is what Marc Merrill himself “suggested” just last week. Although no LoL MMORPG version is actually being developed yet, this president said that Riot is indeed taking this idea seriously.


Riot’s recent moves seem to continue to confirm this goal of the development team. Accordingly, Riot Games recently acquired a studio called Rising Thunder, which is famous for famous veterans in the fighting village. Not only that, among the new members under Riot are the founders of Evo – the world’s largest fighting game tournament.


As for you, LoL fans, what do you think about Riot Games developing new games? You want them to continue to take care of the title MOBA game darling or encroaching on a completely different area like MMORPG or fighting game?

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