The fastest way to increase VNG’s Tien Thu Smiling

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There are many of you who are wondering how to increase the Tien Player in Tieu Ngao VNG, what method do other players have such high Tien? It’s very simple, you just need to follow the following method correctly.

The Pioneer in Tieu Ngao VNG is a type of point that can help players win up to 90% of all matches, the person with the Pioneer is allowed to go ahead (attack) the opponent, destroy the key units. Therefore, here are 5 ways VNG that gamers need to know.

The fastest way to increase your income

Invincible Dong Phuong – Smiling Arrogance VNG

The fastest way to increase VNG’s Tien Thu Smiling

1. Increase hero star
Using the champion shards you earn, level up so that your champion and Pioneer score will increase rapidly. The higher the general level, the higher the score Tien Thu will receive, so this is a quite useful method for farmers.
– Sweeping the levels with the probability of dropping champion shards.
– Buy a green soul card in the Exchange Shop to spin a lot of champions (1 day can buy about 12 times for free at 6am, 12pm and 6pm).
– Challenge the clan to get the lore shard box.
– Can be exchanged for pieces at the North Rescuer when reaching level 50.

The fastest way to increase your income 2

2. Increase champion quality
– Every day, players use Gold to buy physical strength to receive Pills to upgrade champion quality. For farmers, you should only buy 2 times (cost 100v) or buy them all (if vip people) to upgrade generals in battle, and generals not in battle. So, in order to be high, you need to raise all the generals you already own, give priority to the Gold skill champion and the battle champion.

The fastest way to increase your income 3

3. Make friends with generals
Bonding or also known by the buzzword, giving gifts to champions will help you increase the most Immortal Defense. Every day, players can increase from 300 to 500 points of Pioneer if they complete tasks and events.
– Complete the Event to receive the Props gift boxes.
– Compete in Go, the higher the pass, the more Props boxes you will receive.

The fastest way to increase your income 4

4. Strolling
After each day, the number of walks will be reset to the starting level and you have to do one thing, which is flirting. For each girl you successfully flirt with, the Pioneer score will increase to about 150 to 200 points.

The fastest way to increase your income 5

5. Matching equipment
All equipment from Green to Orange, every time you successfully pair an item, you will get 50 to 200 Pioneer points. At the same time, they also increase some internal force, life force, attack …. important stats for the whole team, they can be bought in the Shop or received through activities, events.
– Purple equipment opens after you reach level 40.
– Cam equipment opens when reaching level 60.

The fastest way to increase your income 6

Above, Taimienphi summarizes 5 ways to increase Tien Thu Tieu VNG fastest, if you know any more ways, please comment in the comment section below for everyone to know. If you want to change the character’s name in the game, follow the instructions Change the name of the character Tieu Ngao VNG here.

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