The fastest way to change Email on Facebook

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Changing Facebook email helps you not to let people rely on your email address information to find out your Facebook account, or simply you want to change your Facebook registration email address to a new email address in a simple way. just quick.

Normally, when you sign up for Facebook, you have to use your email account or personal phone number. This phone number and email address will help you log in, find your password, receive notifications… However, in case you have forgotten the password of your current email address, you can completely change it. that email address to another email address to avoid the unfortunate case of your Facebook account or even losing your Facebook account. Therefore, the following article, Taimienphi will guide you how to change Facebook email easily through today’s popular devices such as computers and phones. Invite readers to follow along.

how to do facebook email

How to change Facebook Email

1. Change Facebook email on computer

Step 1: Using any web browser, you log into the Facebook account you want to change your phone number. On the interface using that personal Facebook account, you click on the arrow icon on the Facebook menu bar and then select Settings (Setting).

how to get facebook email 2

Step 2: The Facebook account settings interface appears, here you click Edit (Edit) corresponding to item Contact (Contact) as shown below.

how to get facebook email 3

Step 3: Next, in the contact section, click on the option Add another email or mobile number (Add another email or mobile number)

how to get facebook email 4

Step 4: A small dialog box appears, enter a new email address in the required field and click Add.

how to get facebook email 5

Step 5: Reconfirm your password and press Send (Send) to continue

how to get facebook email 6

And the system will send you a confirmation email to the email address you want to change to make sure this new email is valid.

how to get facebook email 7

Step 6: Access the mailbox of that email, open the mail sent to you by the system and click on the item Accept.

how to get facebook email 8

Step 7: Return to the account settings interface, you can see that a new email has been added and here you click on the option Delete (Delete) corresponding to the old email address and press Save Changes (Save Changes) to complete the Facebook email change.

how to get facebook email 9

2. Change Facebook email on phone

Step 1: Start the Facebook application, click on the 3 dashes icon in the lower right corner of the application.

how to get facebook email 10

Step 2: The interface of Facebook options appears, you slide down and click on the item Settings (Settings) and then click on Account Settings (Account Settings) in the dialog box that follows immediately.

how to get facebook email 11

Step 3: On the Facebook application installation interface, click on the item General (General) and click on Email Later.

how to change facebook email 12

Step 4: Your Facebook account email information appears, click on the item Add Email Address (Add email address) and enter a new email address in the request field then press Add Email (Add Email)

how to email facebook 13

Step 5: After clicking add to change the Email account for Facebook, there will be a message sent to the email mailbox you added earlier. Click on the item Confirm Email Address (Confirm email address) then enter the confirmation code received in the mailbox in the request field and press Accept (Accept).

how to do facebook email 14

Step 6: Returning to the Facebook account email interface, you will notice that a new email address has been added. Continue, click on the item Primary Email (Main email) and check the new email address and then press Save (Save)

how to do facebook email 15

At the same time, here you can also remove the old email address by clicking the . button Delete (Delete) and press Delete Email (Delete Email) to confirm.

how to do facebook email 16
Thus, with the two methods of changing Facebook email above, hopefully readers can replace the old email address with the new Facebook account email address quickly. In addition, surely Facebook users will be very annoyed when they regularly receive notifications in email. However, if readers have ever consulted the article on how to prevent Block Facebook from sending email notifications Sign up then this will never bother you again. Wish you use Facebook rationally and scientifically.

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