The easiest ways to identify PUBG Mobile hackers

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The highest grossing game of Tencent Games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version is quite popular and the number of players is increasing every day, not only that, so is the number of hackers and cheaters in PUBG Mobile.

With PUBG Mobile regularly using its punishments on cheaters, they haven’t stopped. Here are How to identify hackers PUBG Mobile The simplest thing that Taimienphi wants to tell readers.

but how to identify hacker pubg mobile don't cheat

PUBG Mobile

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4 simple ways to identify Hackers in PUBG Mobile

1. Shoot them but don’t die
When a player gets shot multiple times at points like the head or torso and still doesn’t get knocked down, doesn’t die, they may be using a hack that keeps themselves from dying. It is very difficult to recognize for inexperienced players, when shooting continuously without dying, you will easily detect hackers using hack kill. Try shooting a few more times to be sure.

2. Can see or shoot through walls
Hackers use malware to tweak the properties of the wall in the PUBG Mobile game. They can therefore see through walls or even shoot through them. If one of your teammates suddenly fell dead while not hearing the opponent’s footsteps, seeing nothing on the mini-map, most likely they were destroyed by hackers. If one gets shot even while hiding safely behind walls or inside a house, the opponent is probably a hacker.

3. Unreasonable, Unusual Deaths
Hackers can mainly perform an attack that destroys an opponent with any weapon, any difficulty. If you spot an opponent or teammate killing someone from a relatively long distance with a normal gun with almost no equipment attached, there’s a high chance that player is definitely a hacker. How can you kill other players at a distance when using a normal gun, without poor equipment?

4. Move with fast speed
Hackers with a moving speed are easy to identify. They move much faster than everyone else and this gives them an unfair advantage when approaching a certain area of ​​them. It is relatively easy because of their way of moving and movement. If you are a longtime or experienced player in PUBG Mobile, you will definitely recognize it right away

The above are the simplest ways to identify PUBG Mobile hackers that we want to tell readers, hopefully in the future the publisher Tencent Games can fix this situation soon, bringing a healthy playground to the world. all gamers.
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