The easiest tips to play Custom Room PUBG Mobile win

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To become a professional gamer in PUBG Mobile tournaments, you need different skills and knowledge because the gameplay in the professional environment is quite different from the classic PUBG. In Taimienphi’s guide, we will list out some of the best tips that should be kept in mind when playing PUBG Mobile Custom Room matches.

PUBG Mobile has become a very successful esports to date, spawning major tournaments around the world, with a huge prize pool. The competitive scene PUBG Mobile was developed as a platform for professional players to demonstrate their skills and there is a lot to do if you want to win.

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Strategy is a very important thing in Custom Room PUBG Mobile

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Custom Room PUBG Mobile strategy always wins

1. Choose the right drop point
One of the most important factors in this strategy game is deciding where your loot will be. Shortening the distance you have to go there is very important. One drop will decide a lot of things because anything can happen when no one has a gun. An ideal drop location is somewhere that is only squad-friendly or less but has full gear, including healing materials, armor, and guns. Some of the often underrated spots that you can try in Custom Room PUBG Mobile are Lipovka, Zharki, Mylta city, and Severny. Areas that are far enough away that fewer people can target them and there really is enough stuff for an entire squad.

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2. Locate the safe zone
The next safe zone is something that every squad must pay attention to in the PUBG game. You should always be prepared to make plans, predict the next safe area and how to get there without being affected, or hit by obstacles. There are three locations where your team can hover around the area: edge, center, or about a third of the way around. Making decisions will be key to success, and they should all be based on what’s happening right now in the game.

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3. Send a scout to scout the new area
This strategy is very effective during regional rotation. With only one member sent into the zone, the detection risk is much lower and the guy can come back with fewer opponents. The scouts will locate the enemy team and send it to three other members. This strategy has been successfully used by quite a few teams in the PMCO global finals. Why does it help in regional rotation? When a new safe zone is created with known enemy locations, it is easier to avoid conflict.

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4. Frequent use of transportation
Powered and helping you traverse the length of the map, vehicles are a vehicle most frequently used in professional tournaments, including in public mode. However, each car has a weak point: it can explode easily when hit or shot. Therefore, getting all your team members on one vehicle is very rarely recommended..

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If the team can find two or more vehicles, it should be divided, avoiding the risk of destroying the entire group. If a vehicle is blown away by an enemy, the remaining players can still fight on their own and bring glory to their team.

5. Other tricks
– There are also some less used tactics such as
+ Try to get a higher position when the circle narrows.
+ Divide your squad in many different locations, buildings (cover a larger area to detect other teams).
+ Create a good foothold in the safe zone.
The tips for playing Custom Room PUBG Mobile mentioned above are basic tactics that players need to master to be able to win in the public or professional arena. We hope it will be useful for your future matches in PUBG Mobile. To be hit people in moving cars PUBG The result is not simple, you need to know the distance and where to aim … refer to Taimienphi’s article, we will guide you in detail about this trick.

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