The Amazon tycoon revealed the spotless Online Game title

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Recently, Amazon Game Studios revealed a series of “memorable” screencap images of the game series Sandbox MMORPG New World, this game is built on Lumberyard Engine (mainly still based on CE), so the pictures have high “damage” because they are too smooth. For now, we just hope Amazon quickly releases a demo of this game as soon as possible.


New World” is an open world game with MMORPG elements, where players will have to follow their destiny with a thrilling storyline and countless fascinating quests. There you will have to ask yourself what you need to do. Alliance with whom, against whom Should solo or team form? Should wolves be alone or build allies and armies?Not only that, the game context also stretches across countless different lands with wind, rain, forests , snowy mountains, deserts… full atmosphere for gamers to experience.

Currently New world is expected to release on the PC platform and the specific release date has not been announced yet.

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