Tactical guide to optimizing Tactics in the Arena of Truth

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Learning how to use your gold is the most important part of the Tactics game, the new mode League of Legends, here is the optimal strategy of Tactics gold that you should apply.

Yellow is the way to level up, buy units, reroll for more unit selection or even earn more gold. But it is difficult to know how to use gold properly in the match in Truth Arena of League of Legends, we give you some ideas and you make the decision for yourself.


Truth Arena – Use gold reasonably in each situation

Optimal strategy and use of Truth Arena gold

1. What should be done early in the game?

The question of what to do in the early rounds is relatively difficult because most of the time the answer is: “nothing”. Your main priority in the first few rounds is to accumulate some gold and start profiting from it, so focus on that.

Only buy units you are confident can form a strong enough foundation to win the round. If the game gives you two Warwicks in round two, suddenly you have the basics of a Wild team and you’re officially in the race. Don’t worry about rerolling in these rounds. You don’t know what your comp will look like a few turns from now, so you don’t need anything specific just yet.


As for leveling up, level up if you have only four XP left over the next level. In a grand scheme these levels won’t help you much, but they’ll definitely win you the first few rounds and will give you a health advantage early in the game.

2. When to Reroll?

You should Reroll anytime looking for something specific to complete a combination or a champion. If you’re missing a 1-star Kha’Zix to get a level 3 Kha’Zix, it’s time to Reroll. In the late game, leveling rerolls is something you should prioritize when you have a good lineup and your main focus is on upgrading them.

For example, if you have a team consisting of Nidalee, Shyvanna, Gnar, Warwick, Ahri and Aurelion Sol. Your main goal is to get upgrade buffs for those units. Reroll until you can get those units to level three, and only level up if you get something like a Karthus – who will also give you the Sorcerer buff.


One important thing to remember about rerolling is that you shouldn’t use all your gold, keep about 20 or 30 gold in reserve just to make sure you still get interest on it – minus your low health and must use all.

3. When to level up?

Later on, deciding when to level up can be very important because leveling up doesn’t come cheap. The decision to level up should always be based on what you have or you need to survive. If your composition has a lot of low level units that shouldn’t level up, you should consider spending your gold by level instead of reroll. That way you can start winning rounds based on having more units than your opponent.

If you have six units on the field and only two are ineffective, like Gunslinger and Brawler, then it might be time to start leveling up. This will allow you to place more units on the field, which can overwhelm your opponents, and it will allow you to purchase higher rarity units in each spawn. If you’re at a high level earlier in the game, you can build a strong squad around a legendary unit, giving you some build direction.


Again, just like with reroll, it’s important not to spend all of your gold unless absolutely necessary. If you think you will need to go up to level seven or eight then you have to save some gold so that you can get a profit after leveling up.

Job Matching Teamfight Tactics League of Legends Equally important when participating in this new mode, you need to understand the full use and power of combining pieces together, creating a page that suits the champion to get the best effect each round. fight.

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