Synthesis of all monsters in Monster Hunter: World (P.1)

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Monster Hunter: World, as the name implies, is a world of countless monsters that are domineering in both form and strength. Besides the names that are so familiar to the fan community of the whole series, in this new game, Capcom It also introduces players to a bunch of new faces.



Brand new monster of Monster Hunter World, takes the form of a large dinosaur and is classified as a Brute Wyvern. Large, carnivorous, and often hunted in the Ancient Forest – the game’s starting location.

Anjanath belongs to the Fire type, and so is quite weak with 2 elements of Water and Ice.


Barroth is a familiar monster to the series, first appearing in 2009 in Monster Hunter 3. Barroth is also a Brute Wyvern, first appearing in the Wildspire Wastes.


Barroth has the form of a structure built of bone, so obviously, its armor is extremely durable and difficult to break. Its weakness lies in places where it doesn’t have that armor, such as the front legs or the belly. Besides, Barroth is also quite weak against the elements of Water, Fire and Ice.



Another brand new face of Monster Hunter World. Although belonging to the Flying Wyvern, Bazelgeuse possesses an extremely solid armor and is difficult to defeat. Similar to Barroth, you can find it at Wildspire Wastes. Bazelgeuse is a Fire-type monster.



One of the most “ancient” monsters of the series, having been present in the first game in 2004. Belonging to the Flying Wyvern series, Diablos looks quite like a Dragon, and also possesses similar powers. Diablos has a very strong sense of territory, and will become extremely aggressive towards anyone who dares trespass in its territory. Diablos was weak against the Ice element.



Dodogama is a new face of the Fanged Wyvern series with the ability to use Blastblight in combat. Dodogama’s appearance looks quite similar to a giant crocodile with extremely strong teeth (can bite rocks) of turtles. Dodogama can be found in Elder’s Recess.

Great Girros


Also first appearing in Monster Hunter World and in the Fanged Wyvern series, Great Girros has a head that resembles a cobra with extremely sharp fangs. As expected, the Great Girros’ teeth are extremely venomous, and will leave the hunter in a state of paralysis if bitten. Fortunately, this monster is quite weak against Water, Fire, and Ice, so get your gear with these elements ready before hunting in Rotten Vale.

Great Jagras


Similar to Great Girros, Great Jagras is also a newcomer to the Fanged Wyvern family, and frequently roams the novice Ancient Forest. Great Jagras has the appearance of a salamander, although very ugly, but is actually quite peaceful. The Great Jagras only attacks when it feels threatened, or when the player enters its lair, where young Jagras live. Great Jagras is weak against the elements of Fire and Thunder.



Another brand new face of the game series. Jyuratodus belongs to the Piscine Wyvern family, looks quite like a giant fish, but is an extremely aggressive and dangerous monster. Jyuratodus can swim in mud, and has a bad neighborly relationship with another mud-loving monster, Barroth. Jyuratodus first appeared in the Wildspire Waste, with its weak points being Fire and Thunder.



Not every monster of the Elder Dragon family looks like a Dragon, Kirin is a typical example. Kirin looks a lot like a Unicorn, with the power of Thunder, and is one of the old faces of the original Monster Hunter game. Kirin’s weakness is Fire and Water, and its strength is its speed so fast that it is difficult for any hunter to catch up.



A new monster of the Bird Wyvern series. Kulu-Ya-Ku has an ugly appearance, looking like the product of a failed combination of dinosaurs and birds. Found in the Ancient Forest, Kulu-Ya-Ku is not an aggressive monster, and usually fights only to protect itself.

Kushala Daora


Also belonging to the Elder Dragon family, Kushala Daora has appeared in many game versions of Monster Hunter. Having the appearance of a 4-legged Dragon, Kushala Daora possesses the Dragon and Ice elements, but also has the weak point of Dragon and Thunder. Any hunter who approaches Kushala Daora will suffer debuffs, and should watch out for the winds generated by its wings.



Lavasioth looks a bit like a fish, but not an ordinary fish, because it doesn’t swim in water or mud, but in lava. In this special environment, Lavasioth has almost no natural enemies or opponents, so you don’t have to worry about uninvited guests to disturb your hunt. As a result of living in fire, Lavasioth is quite weak to the element of Water.



Never seen in previous games, Legiana is a brand new Flying Wyvern. Possessing a pretty pair of wings, Legiana flies quite often when compared to other monsters.
A rather aggressive beast, Legiana often hunts in the Coral Highlands. When given the opportunity, it will put both Paolumu and Raphinos on the menu.



As the brand new Ancient Dragon of the series, Nergigante looks like it was in this world a long time ago. Huge and majestic, Nergigante possesses a beauty of its own that only those who love Dragons will understand. Of course, along with that beauty, came the unforeseeable danger of an Elder Dragon.
As expected, the Nergigante is an extremely aggressive creature, ready to fight to the death and rarely run away when injured like other monsters. Nergigante can be found in the Wildspire Waste, Great Ravine, and Everstream.



Not all dog-like animals are cute, Odogaron proves it. Disgustingly ugly, many hunters don’t even dare to “touch” Odogaron just because of its appearance. And once brave enough, those hunters must also be wary of the claws and fangs of this monster. Not possessing a large appearance, but the strength and speed of Odogaron is not to be underestimated. Odogaron often appears in Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale.



A bizarre mix of bats and sheep, Paolumu is a new addition to the Monster Hunter World collection. Contrary to a somewhat funny appearance (if viewed from afar), Paolumu is actually a very dangerous monster with sharp teeth as well as the ability to attack from a distance. Paolumu can be found in Coral Highlands.


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