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Minecraft – the game magic blocks is always the most used search keyword in the game market. This is also one of the very few games out full version, for all operating systems currently on the market. From Windows computers, Macs to mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android or even dedicated video game consoles like XBox or PlayStation (PS).

The first official version of Minecraft was officially released on November 18, 2011 and right in this year, Minecraft received up to 5 major awards, officially set the first milestone in its development career. .

After more than 4 years, up to now, Minecraft has been available on all operating systems, from iOS, Android, Linux to Windows, Java platform …

Minecraft Server Minecraft Server

Not really a game product, but Minecraft Server is a tool to create free Minecraft servers for the computer. By downloading and using this tool, players can create and invite all their friends to join the game without limitation, even setting their own World rules.

To install and use Minecraft Server without any problems, players need to make sure they are using the latest version of the game Minecraft, and download and install Java for the computer.

Play Minecraft online Play Minecraft on the web

Besides having a lot of different Mine versions for all operating systems, magic squares Also allows gamers Minecraft online, play directly on the website without installation. However, like most versions, playing Minecraft online is not free and you also need it Minecraft account (Mojang account) to login before entering play.

In addition to this major version, players can also try to play Minecraft Classic – the first online version of this game on a computer. Minecraft Classic is built under the genre of online 3D sandbox game on PC.

Windows8 - EmergenceingameMinecraft for PC

Minecraft 1 - Emergenceingame

Not as diverse and as many parts as other games, Minecraft is an Open World game with unlimited gameplay, so the game itself has obvious differences compared to current titles on the market. Developer Mojang AB also wants players to overcome and experience the challenges in the game with their own ability and intelligence when creating a World that can be said to be completely “real”.

However, to avoid being boring, Minecraft is also divided into many game modes and many levels of play. From easy to difficult, each game mode is a requirement, a challenge and will have its own gameplay.

The game modes in the game Minecraft

  • Survival game mode: Players have to search for resources by themselves, have a health bar (hunger display), playable characters can go hungry and have to fight monsters. The highest goal of this game mode is to defeat Ender Dragon (dragon Ender).
  • Creative play mode (Creative): In this game mode, the player has unlimited energy and is supported with all the resources and tools in the game, can place or destroy them immediately. In addition, it also has the ability to fly, not be attacked or killed by other causes and not affected by the starvation feature.

Mine education for Windows 10 Minecraft: Education Edition (for Windows 10)

This is a new version of the game Minecraft made by Microsoft specifically for the purpose of educating children around the world. Still includes all the basic features of the game, and is added with many other upgrades to help children learn better, more comfortable, increase friendships, support teachers and especially help. They both learn knowledge and accumulate, learn more experiences, value life through the game.

Minecraft: Education Edition has 3 versions:

  • For teachers (using games with their own students).
  • For Administrators (using the game in their school or locality).
  • For students (introduced by teachers to download Minecraft: Education Edition).

 Minecraft Education for MacMinecraft: Education Edition (for Mac)

Along with the version for Windows 10 operating system, this is the second version of Mine Education on PC. The introduction of Minecraft into education not only changes the perceptions of children learning, but also makes this much more interesting, unique and impressive.

It’s a paid version but the purchase price of this educational Mac version of Minecraft is quite soft. However, currently Vietnam is not yet supported this special version of Minecraft. We all hope that one day soon, Vietnamese children will also experience this new learning program.

Xbox one editor Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

This version of Minecraft has quite a variety of game modes, from for one person, for playing 4 people or even for 8 people (online). In addition, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition also allows players to load maps, files that have been previously saved.

Xbox 360 Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Some other highlights that this version of the game system is more favored than its other brothers, are:

  • It comes with a variety of skins and can be purchased with Master Chief or Gordon Freeman packs to play in the game.
  • The lack of Creative Mode like on PC can be a limitation for those who like creativity, however, Minecraft for Xbox has a Survival Mode mode that is extremely friendly and easy to play, suitable for people start.
  • The crafting menu is separated quite clearly and specifically, making selection much quicker and simpler.
  • The materials needed for crafting can be added right into the game interface.

If you are not familiar with playing games on your computer or phone, then perhaps choosing a professional way to play games like on the Xbox generation will be a more reasonable choice for you. Because instead of having to use the mouse and buttons, you just need to use the play keys on the handle.

Mine on PS4Minecraft: PlayStation

There is also another version on Minecraft’s electronic system, according to the review, this is the most popular game Mojang on PS (specifically PS4). But in addition to paying fees, Minecraft: PlayStation also requires players to have a PSN or SEN account, and in multiplayer online mode, gamers need to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service.

Special note, Minecraft: PlayStation is a copyrighted game, so all online player activities must comply with the Usage Policy and User Agreement (see details at

ios - EmergenceingameMinecraft for iPhone, iPad

  • Adventure mode (Adventure): Added to Minecraft from version 1.3, Adventure Mode allows players to experience arbitrarily created maps. With gameplay similar to survival mode, but there are restrictions on how to place, break blocks.
  • Hardcore mode: This is the 4th game mode, giving players experience as Survival, but you only have 1 life, if you die, Game Over. The mission remains the same, hitting Boss Ender Dragon but Hardcore offers a thrilling, dreaded experience because anything can kill you.
  • There is also Audience play mode (see Mine World from the perspective of the game characters) and Multi mode (Multiplayer).

Minecraft 2 - Emergenceingame

The only minus point of this game, perhaps the publisher is not completely free with some versions of Minecraft on Android, Windows Phone and Win 10.

android - EmergenceingameMinecraft for Android

This is probably what gamers in general and Android users in particular have. While most applications and games on Google Play are free, Minecraft is not.

windows phone - EmergenceingameMinecraft for Windows Phone

In addition to the Android version, Minecraft on Windows Phone also suffers the same “billed” fate. However, the attraction of this game is too great for players to not hesitate to draw their wallet and bring back a magical World of their own.

Windows8 - EmergenceingameMinecraft for Windows 10

Despite the fact that it is a paid game, it seems that Mojang AB is quite fond of this new Windows operating system, so it has “created conditions” for players to play Minecraft for free on Windows 10.

Mac - EmergenceingameMinecraft for Mac

There is no super difficult game mode, when installing Minecraft on Mac, players can only experience 3 game modes: survival – creation – adventure. But maybe it is enough for us to indulge in this Fantasy World.

- EmergenceingameMinecraft for Linux

Among the supported platforms, this is probably the operating system with the least downloads in Vietnam. Not because of the poor quality, but in large part due to the much lower percentage of Linux users compared to the rest of the operating systems.

If you have also heard of Minecraft and want to once experience this ultimate game, quickly download a version suitable for you to play Minecraft during this Tet holiday.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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