Summary of GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto V errors and how to fix them

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Grand Theft Auto V, also known as GTA 5 for short, is an attractive action game that is popular and loved by many players and it is widely released on all operating systems and game consoles. The previous versions have also continuously ranked at the top of the game rankings with the highest number of downloads, GTA 5 version with many improvements in graphics, maps, new functions for players.

The common errors encountered when playing GTA 5 have both elements from the game publisher, there is also a factor that the player does not know the specifications when installing the game on the machine, causing it to encounter some small errors that we I will list below with the fix.

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Summary of GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto V errors and how to fix them

I. General error GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto DRAW

1. GTA 5 does not work on the computer: The player has successfully installed Grand Theft Auto V, opened the game to play, but when clicking Play in Steam, there is no response, the screen freezes.

2. Frame rate error in Grand Theft Auto V: Players see a very low frame rate when playing, the highest setting is only from 30 – 50 FPS, sometimes even lower.

3. Unable to successfully install Grand Theft Auto V or install successfully, but an error message pops up on the screen: The most common error players encounter is the message “The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 1)”, or the game hanging while trying to download the update.” on the screen. The gamer’s Windows account has strange characters outside of the allowed characters like (a->z, A->Z, 0->9).

Fix: Once the cause has been identified as mentioned above, you just need to create a new Windows account then turn off the computer and then restart it, using the newly created name with the allowed characters like (a->z, A->Z, 0->9), excluding special characters. You can refer to how create a Microsoft account here.

Log in to that account before or during the game installation.
Note: Do not change the name of the account that failed because it also does not fix the error, but must create a new account completely.
4. Game hangs, freezes when playing for 5-10 minutes
5. Error message missing Windows Media Player when installing GTA 5
6. Error message when running GTA through Rockstar Social Club

Common messages like “Social Club failed to initialize” or “Social Club failed to load due to an incomplete installation. Please exit the game and re-install the latest version of the Social Club”

Rockstar Games believes that this error occurs because you did not complete the installation of the accompanying services of Grand Theft Auto V and recommends that gamers install the game again, but before reinstalling you should open Task manager and turn off GTA 5 must be running in the background.

If after reinstalling you still have an error, try checking the game again through the Steam Cache or run directly (as Administrator) GTA 5 through the file PlayGTAV.exe.

II. How to fix all errors of GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto DRAW

All of the above errors, if you can’t fix it yourself, try the following way.
Step 1: Download Tool patch to fix GTA 5 error by This link
Step 2: Extract the file you downloaded and open the patch

grand theft auto error

Step 3: Select Selec Folder

Gta 5

Please select the item: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand Theft Auto DRAW

grand theft auto repair

Step 4: Choose graphics card: AMD or Nvidia or click Check it to automatically search

grand theft auto error

Step 5: Click Check

grand theft auto error

Step 6: See what error you get and choose the right one

grand theft auto error

Step 7: Press Verify & Patch then wait for it to fix the error, it takes about 3 -5 minutes after it’s done, restart the game and enjoy the results

Gta 5 grand theft auto and other solutions 8
Although GTA 5 is really a “top” game, it is still inevitable that errors arise when playing, the complaints of players when encountering these errors are quite a lot on the major game forums. and there are also temporary fixes for you to play the game better. You should watch more to know GTA 5 game configuration how is enough. In addition, during the game, you can use many GTA 5 codes to complete the tasks as quickly as possible.

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