Subnautica: Below Zero – Addictive survival game adds a mysterious area for players to explore

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Subnautica: Below Zero just entering the stage early access less than a month, but the development team at Unknown Worlds updated the latest expansion chapter in an impressive way. Latest content updates – Lost Ship adds new creatures, environmental effects and a giant ship to explore.

The biggest addition in new update is the Lost Ship: the ship is located on two locations, one near the Lilypad Islands and the other in Thermal Vents. The giant ship has been submerged on the ocean floor long enough for algae and coral to thrive – but Alterra advises tourists to exercise caution if they want to explore the wreckage because the structure of the area is not stable, and there is potential danger from some of the creatures that inhabit the boat.

Lost Ship also introduces the trivalve, a friendly, curious little creature that loves to imitate other animals. These little creatures are adorable and players can even bring them up to research stations.

The Lost Ship update also brings new fauna like the deep water lily and new hazards like brinicles, which are pillars of water that can freeze players when they get too close. The development team says they’ve spent the last month improving several areas on Planet 4546B, and promises to bring a new experience for players back in the waters of Subnautica.


Unknown Worlds says Below Zero will likely remain in early access for at least another year, following the successful development cycle used for Subnautica. The game is currently available on Steam, the Epic Games store, and Discord.​

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