Studying with great talent and developing Tool Hack, 4 young people were urgently arrested by the police

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The phenomenon of making and selling tools so far hack games was not uncommon, it brought a big source of revenue for these guys. Especially with a crowded market like China, the profit it brings makes many people red eyes. Previously, the international Apex Legends gaming community also called for locking the China region so that rampant hacking like PUBG would not appear again.​


Recently, according to the official Weibo page of the Shenzhen police, on September 3, the police arrested 4 suspects living in Nan’an, Fujian (China) for producing hacking software. Dota 2. This hack software allows players to interfere with the skills of some Heroes in the game and is still constantly improving with new features. All four suspects are highly educated after graduating from university and have stable jobs, two of them are computer experts. They are all gamers of Dota 2, and at the same time like to delve into game research, moreover, I feel that selling hacking software is highly profitable, doesn’t take much time, so I don’t hesitate to step on this path.​

Four suspects arrested by police

These four men blatantly sold their own hacking tools online and earned an illegal profit of nearly one million yuan (about 3.3 billion VND). Because of this crime of theirs, all 4 people were arrested and waiting for criminal prosecution, the police are still conducting further investigation into the case.​

Hacking software is constantly being updated with new features

Hack/cheat is always a painful problem for both developers and players, it destroys fairness, the gaming environment as well as the gamer’s experience. Sadly, there is currently no solution to completely solve this problem. However, the act of stopping the act of hacking games from the production stage is absolutely necessary to minimize this negative problem.​

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