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CSGO 2021 - Emergenceingame

With new maps, modes and operations released last month, CSGO is expected to make a great comeback in 2021. 2020 will see significant updates on agent skins, Retake mode support, and communication systems. Reworked allows you to ping areas and objects in the game.

Although the game continuously broke the record of continuous and free players in 2018, people still heard the joke that CS:GO is a ‘dead game’. But with what we see in 2020, it is a long time before CSGO is truly ‘dead’.

Although Valorant has taken away a large number of professional CSGO players and players, the average CSGO player base is still growing in early 2021. But also thanks to competition from Riot Games, Valve is forced to update regularly. and make the changes more pronounced. CSGO is 8 years old, but Valve continues to add new features, although they are a bit slow.

What do we have recently?

Operation Broken Fang

Operation Broken Fang launches on December 3, 2020 and runs until April 30, 2021. Along with new modes, missions and maps, it also brings a separate Competitve mode for Operation buyers called Broken Fang Premier. This system allows players to ban and pick maps before the match starts, similar to how to compete professionally in the tournament.

The Operation Pass also shows players detailed statistics of their matches, including K/D, your abilities in each map, and a heat map showing where you usually hit your opponent.

Retake (famous custom mode) officially became the official mode of the game. It challenges you to choose a loadout at the beginning of each round to defend, or recapture the bombsite.

CSGO now has a new ping system, similar to Apex Leggends. The game has three chat wheels that make communicating with teammates easier. You can ping certain locations on the map and weapons on the ground.

csgo chat wheel

Other changes you should know

Bot removed from classic Competitive and Wingman. Therefore, if your teammate ‘abandon’ the match, or you vote to kick them out, the team will be 1 player short for the rest of the match.

Here is the current map pool:

  • Competitive: Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, Vertigo, Nuke, Train, Dust II, Anubis, Cache, Agency and Office.
  • Scrimmage: Ancient, Engage and Apollo.

Are players currently satisfied?

With a game as popular as CSGO, there’s always something that needs fixing. While there are no bugs that break the current game, there are a lot of complaints on Reddit forums as well as Twitter.

Valve has a habit of bringing unexpected changes – removing bots from Competitive à Wingman has not gone well. While not as much of a problem as when R8 Revolver was added to the game, the decision not to replace the one who dropped out caused quite a bit of controversy.

Competing in a 4v5 situation early on is really annoying, but this is considered a positive step to combat the game’s toxic problem. In the past, if a member was ‘overweight’, the team could easily choose to kick them. Specifically at low rank, some people would rather have bots to take advantage of ‘two lives’, than have real but useless teammates. The game still has loopholes for trolls and hacks that can be exploited in the new update, adversely affecting the rest. Hopefully, Valve will have more updates to fix these problems.

As usual, matchmaking continues to be criticized. The phenomenon of the squad including: Silver, Gold Nova and Legendary in the same team is not uncommon. However, according to a report from Reddit, Operation Broken Fang seems to exacerbate the problem. The community theorizes this is the result of separating the regular Competitive and Premier modes, making it much harder to find a balanced lobby.

The main complaint came mainly from the North American server, but European players also gradually spoke up. Unfortunately, the game currently has too many factors influencing lobbying, including the Prime system, Trust Factor rating, rank decay, ping, and now Premier/Competitvive split. They made the rank gap in a match become unbalanced.

When is the next big update coming?

Honestly, buying a lottery ticket is sometimes easier to win than guessing when the next big CSGO update will be available. We’ve got a new Operation, so there’s a good chance that minor map updates and improvements will be a priority this year.

Nearly every patch includes a map tweak, but the community can expect a new map rework in the near future. Cache, Nuke, Dust II, and Inferno have all been remade over the years. So which map will be ‘on the operating table’ next? Cobblestone would be the right map to put back into the Active Duty map pool. Also, given its popularity, hopefully Mirage will be Valve’s next priority map.

Tuscan map remake (FACEIT)

One thing we can be sure of is that the Tuscan map from CS 1.6 is in the process of being remade. Catfood and Colin “Brute” Volrath are working together to make this map official on FACEIT. You can check out the closed beta map trailer above. There is currently no specific date for when the map will be released. Catfood said that the map currently only has the texture part and is not complete.

Source 2

We can’t discuss CSGO without mentioning the Source 2 engine. Recently, former Valve programmer Richard Geldreich spoke out about the difficulties in engine development on Twitter.

While this problem has been around since a decade ago, we can somewhat better understand what is going on inside the studio. Of course, a lot has changed in the last 10 years, but it’s hard to know when CSGO will be ported to the Source 2 engine, or if it will be ported. Dota 2 has been ported since 2015 and last year we saw what Source 2 has to offer in Half Life: Alyx. Currently, the closest thing to Source 2 that we have in CSGO is the game’s current Panorama interface.

What does Valve say?

Valve is famous for being silent about new game updates and news, and accounts Twitter CS:GO not much of a difference. While still active, posting patch notes and sometimes gifs or memes, they barely communicate about the future of CSGO. We are notified when there is a change, but it is difficult to know when it will happen. Instead of releasing a development roadmap, as many game development studios are doing, Valve continues to remain tight-lipped on CSGO development plans.

Agent Commander Mae CSGO Broken Fang - Emergenceingame

Things everyone looks forward to seeing in the future

More Operations

Obviously the time interval between Operation Hydra (May 2017) and Shattered Web (November 2019) is huge. Hopefully, with Broken Fang launching in November, operations will appear more often. We now know the Operation schedule to launch at the end of the year for the past two years, so hopefully the 2021 operation will also appear later this year.

What about the 128 tick server?

There’s no guarantee in 2021 that Valve will launch a 128 tick server, but that doesn’t mean the community can’t keep dreaming. While the game has paid services like ESEA and FACEIT for 128 tick server play, everything is just a rumor on Valve’s matchmaking server for now. But with Valorant already having a 128-tick server, it is possible that Valve will also add it in CSGO in the future.

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