Spider-Man Unlimited released a super update – Welcome 8 new characters

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Spider-Man Unlimited is one of Gameloft’s hit games with a large number of gamers and even still has fans to this day despite having been released for more than 4 years. It is also the result of a fun and colorful gameplay, allowing gamers to enjoy the game regardless of year.

Now, after a long journey and the thought of being behind the scenes, Spider-Man Unlimited suddenly came to life with a new Update to celebrate the 800th volume of the comic series. The Amazing Spider-Man.


With this super update, Spider-Man Unlimited let gamers immerse themselves in the latest storyline where Green Goblin combined with the Carnage Symbiote to create Red Goblin extremely bloodthirsty. For those of you who don’t know, the Carnage Symbiote is the 999th Symbiote species created naturally from Venom’s Symbiote.


When Eddie Block – Venom’s true identity, shared a prison cell with Cletus Kasady – a sick serial killer, the parasite in his body gave birth to a new Symbiote strain and infected Kasady’s body. It was from here that the monster Carnage was born and began his non-stop destruction.. However, in the latest storyline, Carnage’s Symbiote creature suddenly combined with Green Goblin – Spider’s greatest enemy. -Man and created the Red Goblin… making the challenge in front of the Spider-Man is extremely difficult.


In addition to offering a new storyline, Spider-Man Unlimited also offers 8 different characters for gamers to experience. There you can meet Father Spider, Starved Venom, The Other, Deathstorm, Prowler, Buzz, Red Goblin and even a brand new Symbiote infected version of Spider-Man.

If you accidentally deleted Spider-Man Unlimted from your computer before, now will be a great opportunity for you to “rekindle your old love” with this masterpiece. Readers can download Spider-Man Unlimited free on Android and iOS directly here:


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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