Slyly eating Covid-19 allowance, Pokemon voice actress is in danger of being fired

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Who is a big fan of Pokemon You must have heard the name Rika Matsumoto – female voice actor for the character Satoshi. Because of the global pandemic, with artists being severely affected, the Japanese government will provide an allowance of 100,000 yen (about 20 million VND). However, according to the accusation from the former manager himself, Matsumoto deliberately cheated to profit from this support policy.


It is known that Matsumoto’s work has not been affected by Covid-19 because the program has been continuously broadcast throughout this year. Therefore, the actress should not have been on the list to receive this allowance. But according to the allegation, Matsumoto used the names of six individuals, believed to be eligible to claim government subsidies, and then all the money was transferred directly to Matsumoto’s account instead of 6. that person according to the rules.

The former manager – one of the people on the other list finally spoke up to expose the truth. Moreover, according to this manager, Matsumoto’s personality is extremely unpleasant. She often gets angry and arbitrarily changes the script anime Pokemon. In the past 4 years, 10 assistants have had to quit their jobs because they can’t stand this personality.


Currently, Matsumoto completely denies the allegations, saying that she only “keeps the money” and has no intention of embezzlement. If these accusations are true, Matsumoto will most likely be fired.​

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