Slam Dunk Mobile’s top basketball product officially released globally

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Today game developer and publisher DeNA has officially released the global title mobile games his latest – Slam Dunk Mobile on both iOS and Android platforms. Developed based on the series manga and anime Japanese famous Slam Dunkthe entire production of the game is closely supervised by Toei Animation.

With Slam Dunk Mobile, players will be able to participate in fiery matches between basketball teams of schools across the country. Besides the main game mode Half-Court 3vs3, players also experience many different styles such as Solo Match 1vs1, Duo Match 2vs2, Full-Court 3vs3, Full-Court 5vs5. Diverse mode makes it easy for gamers to play games with their friends.​


DeNA is also very pleased with the fans when letting players play the role of many characters from different high schools in Slam Dunk. You and your character can simulate all skills like Jelly Layup, Euro Step just like the original series. At the same time, gamers can also use the Talent System to unlock new moves and customize their characters.​


In the near future, DeNA plans to regularly host online tournaments for Slam Dunk, which is an opportunity for gamers and friends to team up to challenge other players across the country. DeNA is also preparing to release new characters Kenji Fujima, Toru Hanagata, Jead Sakuragi skin and a brand new mode called Grand Tournament.

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GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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