Sign in to Windows 10 with fingerprints

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Microsoft released Windows 10 with outstanding improvements. Most notable is the Windows Hello mode, which allows users to unlock by scanning their retina, face or fingerprint. This article will show you how to log in to Windows 10 with your fingerprint

Technology develops rapidly, security features are increasingly focused on by technology companies. Along with the way Turn off firewall Fire wall to prevent attacks from inside your computer. Then Windows Hello helps you protect your computer from outside intrusions.

Unlock by pattern, PIN, Password … seems to be outdated. Current new technology allows face, retina, fingerprint recognition … increasing information security to the maximum. It will be reassuring when no one but you can use your Laptop, tablet or Smart Phone.

Sign in Windows 10 with fingerprint

Step 1: You must first create a PIN to sign in to Windows 10.
Open Settingschoose Accounts.

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Step 2: Choose Sign-in Optionsin section Windows Hello There will be a red notice “You must set up a PIN before you can enrol in Windows Hello”. India Add to create a new PIN.

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Step 3: Set up PIN code, option Set Up will light. Now click on it.

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Step 4: In the Windows Hello setup, select Get started to begin.

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Step 5: Re-enter the generated PIN.

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Step 6: Slide your finger according to the Windows Hello instructions.

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Step 7: Continue to slide more times so that Windows remembers clearly.

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Step 8: When Windows Hello has recognized your fingerprint. The words All sets will appear.

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Step 9: Finish step 8 and you are successful, to use your device just swipe your finger on the screen to unlock.

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If you want to turn off the Windows Hello feature, go to Settingschoose Sign-in Options. Then press Remove.

With just a few simple steps, you’ve taken the security of your personal device to the next level. With the Windows Hello feature, no one other than the owner can afford to unlock the device. In addition, if you are using Windows with a password, you should refer to how remove User login password to switch to installing Windows Hello with much higher security.

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