Shocked with homemade Iron Man armor that took nearly a year to make

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With the appearance of Iron Man On the silver screen, the image of high-tech armor made under the hands Tony Stark always the center of attention. Not so when Avengers Infinity War Officially revealed, fans were immediately interested in Bleeing Edge – Iron Man’s latest invention using Nano technology.


However, in terms of eye-catching, this armor is probably still far behind Mark 41 or more familiar to fans through the nickname Bones in Iron Man 3. And that is also the reason why Coser Dan Lexie decided to create a real life version of Mark 41.


Self-designed based on the images on film and then produced by 3D printing the details with foam, Dan Lexie was able to form the main structure of Mark 1. Not only that, he also added countless details. mechanics such as the ability to open and close the mask or the arc effect on the armor. Of course, to complete this armor he had to spend more than 330 hours of work spread over a period of nearly 1 year to be able to complete.


The result we see is a real-life Mark 41 “Bones” work with a cool appearance no less than in the movie.

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