Shocked with female gamers over 80 years old who have “senior” playing games for more than 20 years

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In the impression of everyone, an old woman in her 80s, walking trembling or lying in place enjoying her old age. But when looking at this 82-year-old grandmother from Rocky Mount – Virginia, USA playing games, surely any of us must take off our hats in admiration with her extremely “buffalo” and trendy passion.


The character mentioned in this article is Mrs. Shirley Curry, unlike other elderly people, this old woman dubbed “gamer grandmother” has been exposed to computers and playing games since more than 20 years ago. According to Shirley Curry shared in an interview 2 years ago, she started playing games in the mid 90s, when her son gave her the first computer and game and it was through playing games that kept her mind clear. lucid. “I didn’t play very well. To be honest, it’s a bit squishy, ​​but I like them. I’m a “gamer grandma”. She said humorously.

Grandma Shirley Curry’s favorite game is Skyrim and she talks about it like it’s a huge part of her life: “I love all the flowers I can pick up. I love majestic mountains. I love these dead trees and it’s an adventure game. That’s why I love traveling.”

The passion as well as the gaming style of the old lady Shirley Curry has really become a phenomenon as well as an endless source of inspiration not only for young Americans but also for the gaming community around the world. Her Youtube channel to date has nearly 300,000 subscribers, not inferior to any professional streamer. And the special thing, she uploads her steam games extremely regularly every day. It was also after the first Steam session about the game Skyrim in September 2015, her mailbox was almost “exploded” by more than 11,000 emails sent from all over the world. Since then, Shirley Curry has officially become a famous YouTuber overnight.


Shirley Curry’s personal facebook page, this “old” female gamer also often shares pictures of her daily gaming computer with gifts of headphones and keyboard sets from people. you around.


At this point, perhaps many people will change their thoughts or negative stereotypes about the game for a long time. The game is not just a pastime of those who are said to be “young buffalo”, useless and unskilled as many people still think. Above all, games are a form of entertainment for everyone. Where children, schoolboys and girls come after stressful school hours, people go to work to relieve stress, and even where the elderly “remain old”. A lot of evidence in fact shows that age is not a problem that prevents them from reaching their passion and it is thanks to the game that they find their joy. It is also one of the secrets to living longer, of course, still need a mode of living and playing in moderation. And you, as a true gamer, how old do you think you will be playing games until?​

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