ShellFire – Download now the super hot MOBA hybrid FPS on Mobile

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FPS in particular and action games in general are increasingly developing on Mobile, showing attractive gameplay and the ability to reproduce graphics as well as terrible PC/Console titles. ShellFire can be considered as a prime example of that when delivering the ultimate shooting experience in the same style MOBA attractive straight to the mobile platform, ready for players to download right now.


Speaking of gameplay, ShellFire has the right qualities Overwatch – one of the hottest online FPS titles currently on PC/Console. There gamers will choose for themselves a favorite Hero and immerse themselves in the hot firefights in a variety of different formats. Each Hero of the game has unique skill sets such as people using rifles with the ability to continuously fire bullets and kill targets, people have the ability to fly into the air and use a pair of Shotguns to bounce off enemies.


Every time you successfully hit or kill an enemy Hero, the player’s energy bar will be gradually pushed up, accumulating into an Ultimate skill that can be activated with insane power. These ultimate moves can completely turn the tide, giving your Team the opportunity to capture a stronghold or even wipe out the enemy squad in a flash. If you know how to coordinate with teammates, players can create super combos that completely overwhelm the enemy .. but of course the ability to coordinate and eat well is the main deciding factor.


Currently ShellFire has only been released in Indonesia and you cannot officially download the game via the Google Play download store. Fortunately, Emergenceingame.Com has an alternative game download address in hand, allowing readers to download it for free ShellFire from now on:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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