Shadow Alliance: Race Top Alpha Test, get 3000 Ruby, refund 150% of the recharge card value

LMBT AlphaTest 0 - Emergenceingame

Today 4/7, Shadow Alliance has officially opened the version Alpha Test welcome all gamers looking for the experience. All card values ​​loaded during this period will be refunded 150% of Ruby when the game officially launches on July 13. Download link for iOS/Android/PC is ready HERE.


With this Alpha Test version, gamers will enjoy the feeling of “flooding in gifts”, freely testing game features to draw top racing experiences when the game is officially launched. For the player, this is absolutely beneficial, not harmful.

Alpha Test is to find the class you like and the strongest build direction

Moreover, even though it is only a test phase, the atmosphere of the top race on all servers is still extremely fierce, because the Dark Alliance Board of Directors will conduct generous rewards for the best fighters. After 4 days of Alpha Test, for you to have a competitive spirit, please publicize the gift here:

Reward: Race to the TOP of Alpha Test

  • TOP 1: 3,000 Ruby + 10 Times Prayer Card *1 + Prayer Gem *100 + Soul Gem *50​​

  • TOP 2: 2,000 Ruby + Prayer Card *5 + Prayer Gem *100 + Soul Gem *40​

  • TOP 3-5: 1,000 Ruby + Prayer Gems *50 + Soul Gems *30​​

  • TOP 6-10: 500 Ruby + Prayer Gems *30 + Soul Gems *20​

  • TOP 11-20: 300 Ruby + Prayer Gems *20 + Soul Gems *20​​

  • Reward: Race TOP level Alpha Test

  • TOP 1: Purple Skill Chest *2 + 3,000 Ruby​​

  • TOP 2: Purple Skill Chest *1 + 2,000 Ruby​​

  • TOP 3-5: Blue Skill Chest *2+ 1,000 Ruby​​

  • TOP 6-10: Blue Skill Chest *2 + 500 Ruby​​

  • TOP 11-20: Blue Skill Chest *1 + 300 Ruby​​


The reward will be distributed on the day of Open Beta, used in the Open Beta and will be distributed to the account that participated in the Alpha Test. What does it mean? It is you who have just tested the game first to gain experience, it doesn’t matter if you load it, you will be refunded 150%, and still be able to race at the top properly.

For those who do not know, Dark League is a European-themed role-playing game that has been released in HongKong, China and SEA version. The game is highly appreciated by young Asians thanks to its high-end graphics, 4 character classes with 8 rich development directions, a terrible fashion show system and a standard role-playing gameplay.


Unlocked plow, hanging shop to get rich, 1vs100 inter-server arena, passive skill system that can arbitrarily “pick up – remove – install” flexibly, close-up zoom “closer to the floor”, large displacement vehicles Cool with combo Pet – Cavalry – Wing – Weapon “quality like distilled water” will definitely be enough to satisfy any passionate role-playing gamer. Currently in the game community, many Alliances with aggressive names have been created and are constantly recruiting members, promising an extremely fierce and intense Alpha Test phase.



Do not hesitate any longer, download the game today to be able to “on hand” this cult role-playing game.

Fanpage: HERE
Headquarters: HERE

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