Set up virtual keyboard to play PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy

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Tencent Gaming Buddy is a “genuine” emulator created with the purpose of helping users play PUBG Mobile games on their computers more conveniently. But what if the default settings of this PUBG emulator don’t match?

Of course, we will have to reset both the configuration and the PUGB Mobile shortcut keys on this emulator. But how to perform the specific way, not sure many people understand. The following article will guide you how setting virtual keys to play PUBG Mobile game on the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.


Set up the Tencent Gaming Buddy keyboard to play PUBG Mobile

Step 1: You start Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator then click Play in PUBG Mobile game to start running this survival game emulator.

Main interface

Step 2: At the main interface of the game, you look at the right hand side, which is a list of shortcuts that we use in the game. Next to it are a number of optional icons corresponding to the emulator’s features.

In this first case, we are in need of setting up the virtual keyboard so we will click on the first icon, keyboard image.

Keyboard icon

Now all the shortcuts as well as the corresponding positions of these keys in the game will be displayed for us to observe as shown below.


Step 3: To make changes, set up a new virtual keyboard for Tencent Gaming Buddy, we can:

Delete unnecessary keys: Each virtual key corresponds to a feature, so it is natural for the screen to be filled with buttons. But we don’t always use all that manipulation, especially for those who are new to PUBG Mobile for the first time.

Therefore, if you find it unnecessary, you can click multiplication sign icon in the right knob of each virtual key to delete them.

Key move: If the current location of a shortcut is not appropriate, in addition to deleting them, the player can also move it to another location to continue using it.

Just left-click on the key, hold and drag to a new location, then release

Create a new virtual key: Many people are often unfamiliar or dislike with the default game buttons, so they often adjust themselves.

You can do this in 2 ways, or click directly left mouse button on an existing button and replace it to a new one, or Left click anywhere on the screen (the location where you want to create the virtual key) and then assign that key a character as a shortcut.


Once done, scroll to the right hand and click again Save to save these changes.


Configure PUBG Mobile play on Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 1: Also from the main interface of Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, you click Gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access Settings.


Here we can see a list of modifiable options on the right hand side (currently available yellow).


Each option includes many smaller features inside, you can change. Example in Basic can change the reticle, the way of sight …


With Graphics, players can customize the display mode, FPS and image display style according to their discretion. But note that these settings can automatically change if the laptop computer is not configured enough or the battery is low. Setup is complete select OK to save either Reset Screen to automatically return to default.


With ControlsYou can change the movement and shot pattern for your character.


Vehicle – Driver. Before, each has a separate article about “Adjusting driving mode when playing PUBG Mobile on BlueStacks” you can use this option to change the driving mode for characters in the game.


Sensitivity is customized to help players change the player’s perspective.


One thing that cannot be ignored is Pick up – Pick up items. You can not loot items in PUBG Mobile without using this feature. Players can set Pick Up automatically or manually, and of course, also depending on the case that this feature will bring different effects.

Pick up

For example:

If you are a skilled player, you know what you need and what is not, then it doesn’t matter whether it is auto or not. If you are just a novice player, using the manual or automatic pick-up will have the following features.

Auto Pick Up (Auto Pick Up):

  • Profit: The character automatically picks up items, no need to press F key – Fast, efficient, suitable for new players who do not understand the game well
  • Disadvantage: The equipment bag will quickly fill up, and even if you want to throw it away, you don’t know what to throw out, how much is reasonable.

Hand pick up:

  • Profit: Choose what to use or not to use to limit the space occupied by the bag
  • Disadvantage: For new players it will take time to determine what is, and what is it needed for?


In addition, there is also Audio, Quick Chat to adjust the sound in the game (gunshots, footsteps, bullets …) or the sound when the player voice chat …

Currently, Tencent Gaming Buddy does not support Vietnamese, so we cannot change the language of this emulator.


A little suggestion for players in setting up and replacing the virtual keyboard to play PUBG on the computer is:

  • We should only change or move the virtual keys outside the main interface when the positions are correct, clear and complete.
  • With the buttons that need to be changed, but don’t know where it is located, you can go into the game and hide somewhere, change the new button, then Save again.


If you feel that Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator does not really bring the best experience when you install and play PUBG on your computer, you can try to install and play PUBG Mobile using Android emulators such as BlueStacks, Droid4X, Nox App Player. … or whatever emulator you have.

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