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You want to set as Opera homepage so that you can always open the search page as quickly as possible every time you open and start Opera, then follow the following instructions of

On browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, users can easily set as the homepage, but on recent Opera versions, users can only set Opera as the startup page when opening Opera and leaving it out. go to the homepage icon on Opera, but users can completely apply the way to set as the startup page and also the home page when opening Opera.

Set as Opera homepage

– Apply with old Opera version

Step 1: Click on the Opera icon > Settings >Preferences. Or you can also press the Opera keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F12).

set google as page page for opera

Step 2: Click to select tab General. In the section Startupyou choose Start with my home page. Next in the Homepage section, enter the web address:

Google laptop is the main page for opera

Press OK to save changes.

Google is the official page for the opera

– Apply with new Opera version

In the new Opera version, users will only have the option to set as the Opera homepage by placing the page in the On StartUpi.e. set the option to open at startup.

Step 1: Tap the Opera icon in the title bar in the top left corner. Then you click on the item Settings Please. Or press Alt + P to turn on and off

install google as page page for opera

Step 2: Click on the card Basic or Browser > On Start Up >Open a specific or set of pages.

Click on item Set pages. This is the section that allows you to set the page to open when you start Opera.

google make opera page

Step 3: In the Startup pages interface, press Enter address in the item Add a new page and enter Press OK to save.

how to install google data as page page for opera

Shut down and restart Opera to save any changes.

So after activating the feature to set as the homepage, you can comfortably open the Google page as soon as you open Opera.

As one of the best web browsers out there, Opera has many features that do pretty well just like Chrome or Firefox but also features Opera that does it even better. For example, the feature of reading books and reading newspapers.
On Opera, users can also enable smooth scrolling to improve the user experience. This is an experimental feature, so to enable smooth scrolling you will have to follow’s instructions to ensure a smoother scrolling experience.

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