Second Galaxy – A super product with terrible graphics officially landed on Mobile

Second Galaxy Sieu pham khong chien do hoa khung chinh thuc cap ben Mobile8Udjt - Emergenceingame

Second Galaxy is the game title Science Fiction Open world on mobile, revolving around the battles for command of the stars. The game is now available on iOS and Android devices. Players can download the app mobile device right now and stay up to date with the latest events through the official website, as well as other Second Galaxy online media. Don’t wait any longer, let’s explore a whole new universe!

Players from the platform PC and console gives great shares about sci-fi games, noting that some of the titles of this genre have become icons of the gaming industry. However, sci-fi games do not have the depth and excellent performance when appearing on mobile platforms. This is about to change because technical limitations are no longer a major obstacle and in the context of mobile is gradually being widely recognized as a game platform with great growth potential.


In fact, Second Galaxy’s 3D open world has been compared by industry experts and players alike to a console/PC game. Since it was first announced for release, reviewers on the App Store and Google Play Store have been relentlessly recommending the game, drawing attention to the groundbreaking progress it has brought. This is obviously a very well-received game, as Second Galaxy has pre-registrations surpassing a million times before its release.

In terms of graphics, Second Galaxy is the pinnacle of mobile games. The vastness of deep space easily immerses the player in the endless universe. Players will be free to roam in the space above with their own fleet of ships. In addition, the game also allows freedom of operation. Players can spend days “drifting” through constellations, jumping between cosmic wormholes, through magnificent planetary rings, and watching the white dwarf die.


All of the above exciting events are separate and do not affect the core content of the game. When immersed in Second Galaxy, the feeling of commanding the Titan warship and upgrading the battleship is an experience that any player should try once to feel the game to the fullest.

Second Galaxy offers discovery and innovation by taking players into a space drama where their actions change the game’s narrative. Players have the ability to “draw” their own path in an ever-evolving environment shaped by their own interactions. Just like the endless sea of ​​stars that surrounds Earth, so does the scale of the game’s possibilities.


Readers can download the game at the following link: App Store and Google Play​

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