Sea of ​​Thieves’ new summer event has officially begun

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Developer Rare released the August update for Sea of ​​Thieves. for players to log in regularly during this time.
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For those who are planning to go out for the summer, but your plans are affected by the epidemic – don’t worry, another world is waiting for you to explore from the comfort of your sofa in this adventure game Sea of ​​Thieves. If you’re stranded on land with nowhere to go, then Summer of Sea of ​​Thieves event has begun, inviting you to join and go on a challenging tour of beautiful ocean regions.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves launches summer celebration event

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Download and install the latest version of Sea of ​​Thieves:

=> Link Download Sea of ​​Thieves for PC
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From meeting the local pirate crew to aerobatic endeavors, this event offers 10 sets of challenges. Each set contains 4 objectives, plus 1 more objective for Pirate Legends that includes some special quests to be solved. You’ll have time between now and until the event ends on September 30 to choose your goal to complete from among a huge variety of objectives, based on your play style and the rewards on offer.

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Sea of ​​Thieves

There are piles of glittering gold and Doubloons to collect, plus rare items and a variety of player titles – including the critically acclaimed Legend of the Sun title by heroes who completely conquer the antics. and the risk requirements of the event.

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The event is available for free to all Sea of ​​Thieves players who purchased the game on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or via Steam, or players who have access using Xbox Game Pass. Just load Download and install the latest Sea of ​​Thieves update to participate in this exciting limited time event.

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