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Scheduling downloads for IDM, also known as Scheduler, is one of the best features available on IDM Internet Downloadd Manager that allows you to proactively schedule file downloads without having to manually trigger file downloads, how to set How is the download schedule for IDM, please follow the article below made by

IDM or Internet Downloadd Manager is known as a link capture software, which supports downloading videos, downloading files on the network with the fastest stable speed ever. In IDM supports users a lot of features including scheduling downloads for IDM (Scheduler), allowing users to be more proactive in their time.

idm scheduler

Scheduling in IDM download support software is also very easy when you install IDM, but there are also some issues to note about the limit of download file types, sometimes your download link also has an expiration date and if Beyond that time limit, setting the time scheduler idm doesn’t have much effect, but that’s not the case. And with the download scheduling feature for IDM, you will be surprised at its detail introduced shortly by

Before entering the article, readers should also know which browser they are using is supported or not through the article about the top idm-enabled browsers that you should use, and now please Allow me to go into detail in the article how to schedule downloads for iDM, the Scheduler feature.

Instructions for scheduling downloads for IDM – Scheduler

First, if you do not have IDM in your device, you can download it here: Download IDM latest version.

Step 1: Open Idm and click on the Scheduler clock icon.

scheduler for idm scheduler

Step 2: In the Scheduler, select New Queue and enter the item name.

idm scheduler

Step 3: After creating your own item, choose the parameters including Start Download at (load time timer), or Number of retries (number of retries on failed load) or Exit IDM when done (shutdown when the download is complete) Applyof course there are still a lot of other options you can explore on your own but remember Start now but close it.

idm scheduler

Step 4: Now try to download any file online, or add a link.

idm scheduler

Step 5: Next, do not click Start Download but choose Download Later replace.

idm scheduler

Step 6: Select the property just created and click OK.

idm scheduler

Step 7: Finally, you click to select Start Queues and choose Start

idm scheduler

After performing the above steps correctly, you can schedule your own download for IDM already, wish you success. In addition to IDM, there are many other software that also support the ability to schedule downloads for files, if you want to know, you can refer to top software download alternative IDM Please.
In addition, recently received a lot of user feedback when using IDM with error 0x80029C4A, if you have the above error, please refer to the article how to immediately fix error 0x80029C4A when using idm Please.

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