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Daily Answers Flander S Company S3 Ep 1 Mobile (VLTK 1 Mobile) is an activity that takes place once a day at the Grandmaster of the Grand Master better lake. Below are the complete VLTK 1 Mobile Answers Daily.

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New application of a new sentence is working as a registered 1 mobile phone

Answers Everyday Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile

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How to Join A Daily Response VLTK 1 Mobile

Step 1: Open the interface Work => enter the item Personal => select Question And Answer Days => click the button Join.

New questionable questionnaire in a mobile registry

Step 2: Characters come to see them by themselves NPC Grandmaster of the Royal Palace, you choose Daily Answers to participate in Daily Answers in VLTK 1 Mobile

The new game is a new game right at the beginning of a mobile registry

– Start answering questions that are still answered every day, there is a total 10 questions and unlimited response timeso you can feel free to find your answer in the list of answers to every day below by Taimienphi.
+ Maximum 1 time per day
+ Correct answers get more EXP than wrong answers.
+ Answering all 10 questions, regardless of right and wrong, will receive a reward for completion.

New activities are now a new mobile registry

Summary of Answers Every Day VLTK 1 Mobile

– Who is the Master of the Road Gate? =>Answer: Sugar Sheep

– Who is Thuy Yen’s subject? => Answer: Doan Ham Yen

– How many bosses must the Five Elements Battle feature? => Answers: 5

– How many milestones are there each day for the Song Kim Battlefields to take place? => Answers: 3

Who was the first person Dai Hiep spoke to when Sr. Xie Giang Ho? => Answer: Long Ngu

What is the use of state dedication? => Answer: All are correct

– Time starts to open Guild Campfire? => Answer: 19:15

– The skill of Vong Vong Vo Nga is a unique specialty of any sect? => Answer: Vo Dang

– How many members does a squad have? => Answers: 4

– Need to reach how many levels to do the mission Da Tung => Answers: 18

– What resource will Vibration Tree Money receive? => Answer: Silver

– What items can be used to gain more experience when the Trust leaves the network? => Answer: Using Bach Sentence Complete.

– Where did Boss Hoang Kim Tuyen Co Tu appear? => Answer: Tan Thuy Hoang Lang

– Who are the tasks assigned each week with many attractive rewards in VLTK 1 Mobile? => Answer: Field Trip

– What is the last stage of the Surpass feature? => Answer: 10 points

– Who is the abbot of Shaolin sect? => Answer: Huyen Nhan Phuong Truong

– What is the PK point removal item for the character? => Answer: Exemption from Sin

– What is the maximum Dynamic bonus for the day? => Answers: 100

– According to the theory of the five elements, which system will the Wood be engraved? => Answer: Earth System

– According to the theory of the Five Elements, the Water system will stave which generation? => Answer: Fire System

– According to the theory of the five elements, which system will the Fire system be? => Answer: Kim System

– The feature of Phong Lang Do has how many boats? => Answer: 3 berths

– What day of the week does Cong Thanh Chien take place? => Answers: Tuesday and Saturday

– Translate Can Kinh Translation skill is of which sect? => Answer: Shaolin

– Purifying Potential points need to consume what props? => Answer: Tinh Hong Bao Thach

– What is the use of Dedication Bang? => Answer: All are correct

– What is an item that gains 30 minutes? What is a Success Coach? => Answer: Cultivation Application
– At what time does the sword fight take place? => Answer: Thursday and Sunday
Certainly, in the coming time, the number of questions, Questions, Answers Every Day Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile will increase, we will continuously update more answers so that the Dai Hiep can answer correctly and receive more. the most reward.

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