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On April 8, 2020, the Great Water Festival officially returns to the survival game Rules Of Survival, players when completing the task will receive the Water Splash Medal to exchange for attractive rewards. from Events.

To attract new players and returning players, Rules of Survival constantly updated with many new exciting events, along with a number of exclusive rewards released for free. Let’s take a look at the new content that appeared in the Rules of Survival 8/4 update with Taimienphi.

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Rules of Survival – Battle Royale shooter on PC and Mobile operating systems

Rules of Survival update maintenance time April 8, 2020

– Maintenance time starts from 05:00 to 08:00 April 8, 2020
– Attention: Maintenance time may take longer than expected, gamers should not log into the game during the update process to avoid errors.

Detailed content of the Update Rules of Survival January 21

1. New Content

– The Great Water Festival is back.
– Credit system updates bonus.
– Temporarily closed Krazy mode and will be back with a brand new version soon.

2. Fix bug

– Fix Juliet Punk’s bottoms not showing.
– Fix bug that some equipment skins could not be displayed.
– Fix a bug in a patch download, wrong size of downloaded patch data.

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Download and install the latest version of ROS

Have you ever played Rules of Survival? If not, or quickly download and install Rules of Survival right now, choose the appropriate operating system before deciding to download it.
– Download link for Android version: Rules of Survival for Android.
– Download link for iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone.
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival for PC

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