Rules of Survival update 12/12, image quality upgrade

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The game Rules of Survival continues to have a graphical upgrade to a new level. Each updated version of Rules of Survival gives gamers new and exciting experiences. The graphics upgrade in the new 12/12 version is highly appreciated and expected to be experienced by many people.

Join now the new version of the game Rules of Survival updated on 12/12 with many attractive content. This is the next graphical upgrade being carried out by NetEase this year.

you can update the rules of survival 12

Download the game Rules of Survival released a new version on 12/12

– For iOS devices: Download Rules Of Survival for iPhone
– For Android devices: Download Rules Of Survival for Android

1. Maintenance time

Maintenance time: 5:00am to 8:00am on 12/12/2018
Note: Maintenance intervals may be longer than expected.

Highlights in the 12/12 Rules of Survival update

2. New content

– Starting to test the new version, the Ghillie Island server Aisa PC ranking match will open the new version’s image quality test.
– In the new version mode, add the effect of changing day and night and the corresponding time notification interface. After entering the new version of Ghille Island, you can see the current time and weather on the interface, each time you enter the battle, it will gradually pass and change day and night.
– In new version mode, added breakable door feature. When shot at the door will be partially broken.

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Download Rules of Survival – RPG shooting game on PC, Android, iPhone

3. Optimize the experience

– This week will be adjusting the effectiveness and damage of guns to enhance the characteristics and distinction of guns, warriors need to think more battlefield factors when choosing guns. Specific content as follows:

+ Adjusted Rifle: Increases mid-range damage, reduces recoil, increases maximum vertical recoil, slightly reduces the damage of some guns, including M249, AN94, AUG, QBZ.
+ Adjusted SMG: Reduced ranged damage, increased maximum vertical recoil of some guns, including MP7, MP5, P90.
+ Adjust the crossbow: reduce vertical recoil
+ Adjusted RPG: significantly increase RPG flight speed, reduce damage to self or teammates when detonating, reduce damage to opponents or teammates after hiding (like hiding behind a wall).
+ Added car jump damage: when the vehicle is moving at a fast speed, jumping off the vehicle and using the gun to attack is a strong tactic, warriors who jump at such high speed will be punished. When jumping at fox speed will damage the vehicle at high speed, the higher the damage.
+ Optimized automatic door opening: expanding the automatic door opening range
+ Adjust the default image quality setting of some devices
+ Adapting device configuration Huawei 8X max, Vivo Y97, Vivo X23
+ Optimized the image quality selection feature in the setting interface, right after changing the selection there will not be many effects. After turning off the new setting, the image quality changes.

4. Interface optimization

– Added renaming entrance in character interface

– When the move button is placed on the left side of the screen, the movement operation area and the viewing angle will change places, ie when the scroll button is on the left side of the screen, the lower left corner area will receive the move operation, the The right side will receive the angle operation, when the scroll button is on the right side of the screen, the lower right corner area will receive the scroll operation, the left area will receive the angle operation.

5. Bug fixes

– Fixed the bug where the viewing angle through the wall when standing close to the wall changed the angle of view
– Fixed an issue where the car skin effect was displayed abnormally
– Fix pocket display bug for notch screen
– Fixed crash when using door break feature
– Fixed a bug where there was a low probability of the shot being deflected

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