Rules of Survival update 11/28, opening season S5

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Rules of Survival released the latest version updated on November 28, among many notable content, the start of a new season S5 is attracting the attention of a large number of Rules Of Survival players, efforts deserve to be rewarded in this new season.

Experience now the latest version of Rules of Survival Officially released to players. Any updates you can do easily when starting the game Rules of Survival. A new season has begun.

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Download the game Rules of Survival new version on 11/28

1. Maintenance time

Maintenance time: 5:00 am to 8:00 am on 11/28/2018

Note: Maintenance intervals may be longer than expected.

– Download games on your phone

– For iOS devices: Rules Of Survival for iPhone
– For Android devices: Rules Of Survival for Android

Highlights in the Rules of Survival update 11/28

2. New content

– After the 28.11 maintenance period, the end of the S4 season, the opening of the S5 season. After the opening of the new season, the stats related to the Ranked Match, the current season’s trophies, and the schedule will be created. All warriors participating in the Ranked Battle will receive rewards according to their rank.

+ Legendary: High Supply Ticket x50, Red Fashion Set, Master Token S4
+ Diamond. High Supply Ticket x33, Red Fashion Set, Elite Sign S4.
+ Platinum: High Supply Ticket x25, Red Fashion Set.
+ Gold: High Supply Ticket x16, Red Fashion Set
+ Silver: High Supply Ticket x8
+ Bronze: High Supply Ticket x5

– The new season has started, close the promotion to accumulate training points and buy the S4 prize in the Daily Offer.
– Add the viewfinder color selection feature, warriors can go to the Settings interface to choose colors for the head of the cross, Red Dot, Holographic, x2, x4 and x8, a total of 6 colors to choose from.

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3. Optimize the experience

– Optimized the Grenade Name feature. Adjusted the flight path of the Crossbow, reducing the effect of falling. Adjusted the path of Crossbow when equipped with Grenade Arrow, increased fire rate and decreased drop effect, detonation time of thrown objects reduced from 3s to 2s.
– Optimized the Pocket interface, increased button size and trigger area, increased usability. When opening the Bag, the list of picked up items will appear in the left pane, convenient for picking up items.
– Increased picking speed when in auto pick up mode
– Optimized the logic of changing the driver’s seat in Death Race, when the occupants of the car send a request to change seats, the driver will show a reminder to change seats, if during the countdown, the driver does not do anything, when the time is up will automatically change places.
– Reduced the amount of Rocket RPG in battle

3. Interface optimization

– Optimized the interface of Training tasks, completed and rewarded missions will display the “Completed” icon.

5. Bug fixes

– Fixed the issue of going through the wall when leaning to shoot in first person
– Fixing inappropriate configuration of Vivo Y83 and Lenovo Z5
– Fixed a bug where some spray paint was melted during the match
– Fixed the bug where the background music could not be turned off in the Lobby: Light theme
– Corrected the translation from Buy Weekly Pass to Buy Weekly Pack in the Beginner Training mission description.

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