ROS update 24/7, open a brand new Epic Clash 2.0 mode

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In the latest update version of Rules Of Survival – The Law of Survival appears a completely new mode, Epic Clash 2.0, players appear to start with a high amount of HP and also drop more baskets.

This week Rules of Survival, the survival game will update with many new content, the appearance of the mode Epic Clash 2.0 completely new will make Rules of Survival players feel excited when participating in the experience, along with adjusting the game login process for newbies.

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Brand new Epic Clash 2.0 mode Rules of Survival updated 24/7

– Download link for Android version: Rules of Survival for Android.
– Download link for iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone.
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival for PC.


On July 24th, the Rules of Survival server will be under maintenance to update to the latest version.

– Maintenance time from 05:00 to 08:00 days 24/07/2019.
– Added brand new Epic Clash 2.0 mode and adjusted beginner login process, maintenance period may be longer than expected.


A) New Content

– Epic Clash 2.0 Mode Unlocked: After the update, a brand new Epic Clash 2.0 mode will be unlocked. The rules are as follows:

+ In Epic Clash 2.0 mode, players will start with 250HP and can equip Relics.
+ Relics are a completely new type of props that, when picked up, will automatically take effect, such as increasing damage, HP and enhancing game mechanics. These Monuments will bring a whole new experience.
+ In the preparation area, the player can choose 1 of 3 random Relics to equip, the equipped Relic will be displayed on the screen.
+ After entering the battle, finding a chest to open will receive all kinds of Relics and Relic pieces that can be exchanged for Relics at the Hearing Box.
+ In this mode, the Hearing Box will be dropped more with richer items. Players can get Weapons, armor, and can also exchange Relic fragments to get Relics of different levels.

– This week added moves in the Lobby for M1887 and M870, after receiving the corresponding gun skin can go to the Warehouse interface to try.
– Adjusting the game login process of newbies: When new players log into the game, it will ask if the player has understood the game rules? For old players who already know the rules well, skip this tutorial.
– Updated viewfinder display: After updating, it is possible to change the scope of the AWM Aquarium series guns in stock to see the same viewfinder.

B) Optimize the experience

– Optimized gun movements: Male and female characters will remember the movement and display the gun corresponding to the character, so that the player can easily change the character.
Also in the Battle Royale series, PUBG Mobile has a battle system similar to ROS, players are dropped on an island and fight with other gamers to win chicken dinner, a battle for survival on a deserted island.

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