ROS mobile: Launching a new hot racing mode today

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Let’s take a look at the extremely attractive new contents of ROS mobile after maintenance and update from 5am to 8am on Wednesday, June 27. Maintenance may take longer than expected.

New content:

  • Added “Great War of Vehicles” feature. Warriors need to download update new to experience this feature. This feature competes with up to 15 teams (4 people), the captain chooses the appropriate vehicle including Race Car, Jeep, Off-Road Vehicle, Pickup, each team drives 1 vehicle, unleashing confrontation on Ghillie Island map . The team that perseveres to the end will win.​

  • The S2 season is officially over, ushering in the S3 season. Open the S3 Season Training Manual, complete the Training Mission to receive Training Points, upgrade the training to receive the corresponding level Medal, Open the Special Medal to receive a richer reward. After the opening of the new season, the stats related to Ranked Match, trophies and the current season’s schedule will be deleted.​

  1. Grand Master: 50 High-Supply Vouchers, S2 commemorative skin “Tiger with Rose”, badge “Grand Master S2”.​

  2. Diamond: 33 Supply Vouchers-High, commemorative outfit S2 “Tiger with Rose”, sign “S2 Tinh Tinh”.​

  3. Platinum: 25 High-Supply Vouchers, S2 commemorative skin “Tiger with Rose”.​

  4. Gold: 16 Supply Vouchers-High, S2 commemorative skin “Tiger with Rose”.​​

  5. Silver: 8 Supply Vouchers-High.​

  6. Bronze: 5 Supply Vouchers-High.​

  • Open the Character Rank system, warriors can fight (except for the Self-Choice Room) or participate in the Training Manual feature to receive EXP and upgrade the character, receive the corresponding rank reward.​

  • Add Room Card props, warriors buy and use 1-day, 7-day, 30-day Room Pass at the Shop to receive the right to create a room of their choice. At the same time, each server can open up to 1000 rooms, if the maximum number of rooms is reached, it can’t create rooms anymore.​

  • Add Friend Invite system, invite friends to join the battle, the more friends, the more rewards.​

Basic experience:​

  • Optimized silencer gun sound.​

  • When the bullet hits the grating, there is a probability of going through the grating and moving forward.​

  • Improve the aesthetic effect: optimize the display of Energy Water and Supply Bins.​

Let’s join the battle now survival Rules of Survival mobile to experience the battles full of surprises and fun.

Learn more about Rules of Survival mobile:​

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