Riot punishes the LoL project that recreates the old version made by fans

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Riot Games confirm that the company sent a request letter Chronoshift closed operations”past server” of the League of Legends (managed by fans). Publisher League of Legends also denied allegations on Reddit that they “threatened” Chronoshift. However, Riot Games also emphasized that the resolution policy for Chronoshift’s case is clearly defined in the company’s legal guidelines. In addition, Riot Games has issued a warning about “past servers” since the project was announced last year.


The fact is that the “past server” project was maintained until the end of last week, when the Chronoshiftdev account posted a notice that Riot’s security department had contacted and “threatened” them to deliver the code and website to them. Riot Games.

A Riot representative confirmed that the studio’s legal department sent a letter to Chronoshift, “officially asking them to stop developing the project.” The letter states that Riot’s intellectual property is “extremely valuable, and therefore the company pays close attention to this matter.” Riot requested Chronoshift to stop all development activities such as closing servers, removing related documents from social media (Twitter, etc.) and handing over all project related software, including project-related software. client has been modified and the code.


Chronoshift complied with the request, although they were clearly unhappy about the incident. A notice posted to Chronoshift’s website highlights the length of time the developers have been working on the project as well as their rejection of all offers of financial support during that time: “We did this project for almost 5 years and thousands of hours. We have never asked for a donation all this time and pay all expenses out of our own pocket. We have even rejected and banned people who have offered to spend thousands of dollars to participate in the project.” Chronoshift also denied illegal distribution of copyrighted material by Riot and that Chronoshift never had. intends to compete with League of Legends.

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